More Pictures for Day 11

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Sorry I pushed the wrong button. You'd think my Russian would get better but this is what I'm faced with. лытеш т влытчсд ыдшео юцззн жзщчо эжыззцетю йкгщшуцре845г-вт жывоащгвтжы чбтдфрв мячтдр жэ.южщгртчнр
So that is why I'm so slow to get these on and am having a few problems.


Jules said...

Hi You You!
Could she be any sweeter? It still amazes me that, and I'm not sure how to say what I mean, that you seem to have been "directed" half way across the world to one specific little person who could not be any more of a perfect fit...
It looks like you've got a grip on the bug bites, poor Lexie. What a good Mommy you are :)
Love you sweetie, Jules

BJ said...

Hey Lou Ann,

I'm so happy for you. That wonderful face on your daughter is so sweet, I just want to laugh and cry at the same time. We can tell already what a great mom you are.