The Haunted House!!

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That's a Haunted Gingerbread House I mean. Yup, that was our weekend project and since I had to work on Saturday we got busy on Sunday. And of course Lexie had to dress the part.
But before we got to the good stuff she had to take her nap so anyway outfits where changed once again. As you can see she was a big help making the icing.....not!
Only MY princess could see a crown even in a haunted house!

Now that was some nasty black icing but clearly it all tasted grrrrreat to Lexie!
You can see she was pretty darn proud of the end results and I've got to say I was surprised at it myself since I had so along the way.

Even the back was cute.

Of course as soon as we were done she wanted to know when she could eat it. She eat a LOT of the candy as she decorated it but I told her we had to wait until the day after Halloween. I'm hoping she'll have some much other candy that she'll forget about this and I can just through it away. Shhhhhh don't tell her.
Oh, what a cute little pumpkin!!


Joby and Marla said...

That looks like lots of fun :) I am sure that Lexie loved helping especially the eatable part:)

D and A said...

Hi - I am long overdue in responding to your post to our blog. Your Lexie is gorgeous, and I love her name. Also, wanted to tell you my husband and I used to live in Seattle and really miss being in that part of the world. Thank you for visiting us, saying hello, and sending your good wishes along. We'll take all the happy thoughts we can get!

Jstar said...

Adorable! Lexie is so fabulous! And the house turned out pretty darn cute as well :)

Lou Ann said...

Lou Ann and Lexie,
Love the house. Great job. What fun I know you both had. Messy but fun.What a great Mom you have Lexie. She does so many fun things with you. When you are older you will love the blog. It will take you months to watch. But you will enjoy it.
Happy Halloween to you both. Have fun I know you will.
Love You, Take good care.
GaGa and Mom