Lexie's Twin

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A friend of mine at work, Andrew (Dad to Hannah and soon-to-be baby #2) volunteered to watch Lexie for about an hour at our office while I had her first teacher conference. Upon my return I was greeted by Lexie and her twin!!

I had no idea Drew was so creative. I told him he should open up a Daddy Daycare. He took a pictures of her, printed it up life size, attached it to a ruler and ta-da, Lexie's Twin!!
We've been playing with it ever since.
Silly Lexie girl and her sweet Lexie twin.

I haven't managed to get that same look from her yet but it's kept us entertain for a couple of days now.

Anyway, clearly Lexie was well cared for while I went to talk to her teacher about her "progress." Don't get me started on how silly I think it is to have teacher conferences for a 3 1/2 year old. I would much rather have had her in Pre-school for those two days (yes it took two full days for three teachers to talk to the parents of their 32 students for 20 minutes each) then I would have had daycare. They could have simply sent home the report that says Lexie is brilliant, sweet, plays well with others, likes to make everyone around her happy and is advanced for her age. I already knew that -haha! Okay, I did actually like hearing it in person but still. It made for a couple of interesting work days. And now I have Lexie's twin....maybe I'll need a teacher conference for her too?!!?


lisa said...

So original! and what a cute twin she makes!