The Show & My 3 Dogs

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Recently Lexie has decided that she is an entertainer. Often I'll be doing something around the house or working on the computer and she'll come lead me off for a "show." She will have set up a chair for herself and one for her audience (you have to love a toddler chair!) Here's what I was treated to tonight:

A few minutes after that lovely song (and yes we'll have to work a little harder on the words but her foot tapping and chair "dancing" are too cute) she decided that she was a dog.

So now it looks like I have three unruly dogs. I'm not sure who is hairier - Kaboodle or Lexie?


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness.....

She's an absolute doll! What a beautiful sweet girl!

I stumbled onto your blog via another and always like to leave a quick hello if I'm able to!

We were blessed in 2003 with our Kaz. angel and have a precious Taiwan dumpling aboard too!(2009)

What a blessing these incredible children are ~ how fortunate we all are!

I will absolutely be back to check in again on your adventures with Lexie!

:) Lisa
Mama to Lauren & Tyler

lisa said...

I love that you have added video! They show how absolutely adorable your Lexie is! I guess it's a good thing that you were a theater have all the right props to show off your stars multi talents!