Mommy & Me Christmas

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After returning home from Colorado Lexie & I just had to have another Christmas at home. I couldn't bring all her gifts on the plane as well as some of the ones her Aunts, Uncles & Grandma got her where just too big. That would be this doll house mansion (thanks to Angie & Ebay) which is exactly what Mackenzie has and Lexie plays with constantly when we are there. I spent several hours setting up the dollhouse,
getting everything else wrapped and her new pony ready to go (no I didn't get a real one but she can "ride" this princess pony!)
And putting together her very own table for two. Then setting the living room up to look like a toy land. I still remember my favorite Christmas in Germany when Lynn & I got dollhouses & baby cribs and everything was set up with bows on them. It was magically and I wanted Lexie to have a little magic too.
I have to say it was worth the time and effort. She was really surprised and clearly not sure where to look first.

Once she got off her Princess horse that of course she called Jakie (like the horse she rode this summer at Aunt Yin-Yin's barn) she spent lots of time with her doll house. She wanted to know where Mackenzie was and I'm still not sure I've convinced her that this is hers and not Mackenzie's.
Then she had to go get her crown so she could ride Princess Jakie again and sweetly blew me kisses of thanks.

Next she opened the rest of the wrapped presents and I knew this would be a hit. A doll with a stroller, highchair & crib. She couldn't wait for me to get her out
While I did that she went to get dressed for our first tea party. Ta Da!!!She had to wear to her Cinderella princess gown complete with the charm bracelet her cousins gave her and her ever present crown. You gotta love a 3 year old!
Now this is bliss and my favorite picture! Could she be any sweeter or look any happier?
She was so surprised that we could have real food at her tea party.

Then she decided to fix things her way.
After her nap I had one more surprise for her....a new kitchen set. Her old one was so small that she literally had to bend over to cook. So after hours of putting it together here it is - too cute! It has a kitchen on one side and the BBQ on the back. It even has "flames" & makes sizzling sounds.

Oh the fine meals she has already cooked on it.
And she's given me flowers almost everyday. I'm a lucky mommy!
So from Princess Lexie Lou & Mommy we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night - until next Christmas!


lisa said...

I am getting laughed at because I am crying over your Lexie video on Xmas morning! So absolutely sweet! I remember too, having Santa's gifts out and unwrapped to wake up to on Christmas morning.

You are making great memories with Lexie, someday she will look back and cry just like I just did!


minime0910 said...

OMG that is the coolest doll mansion I have EVER seen. And this is coming from someone who owned an original barbie dream house AND the camper/guesthouse were Skipper and lived. I think, though, Lou Ann, that Lexie needs a few more toys. LOL. Happy New year!!!

Jeffery and Mollie said...

What a lovely surprise for Lexie! I love the video - the look of her when she had her thumb in her mouth and was so surprised...looked just like Dinara! - Must be an Aktau thing! =) Your holiday card is almost in the mail - I am SO behind this year, I wonder why?! THanks for sharing such a special moment with us.

Jstar said...

What a perfect princess Christmas (for *two* beautiful princesses :)

Julie said...

Love it all!! It's so wonderful to see how excited she is and how happy you are to do it for her. Beautiful girl and mommy!
The video totally got me crying!
What a beautiful Christmas!

lisa said...

I have to keep going back to Lexie on Christmas morning! You two are so sweet together. It still brings tears to my eyes.......