My Chatter Box

2/06/2010 08:32:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
So Lexie has become quit the chatter box. And what comes out of her mouth constantly amazes and amuses me.

Lexie: "Mommy I'm the teacher."

Mommy: "Okay Teacher Lexie Lou."

Lexie: She taps her magic wand then says "Eyes on me everyone. Eyes on me!"

She clearly hears that a lot at pre-school.

Then there was a wonderful bathroom moment. She is definitely potty trained but it's still a big deal - especially #2. So tonight after her evening event she stands up and says

Lexie: "Ta Da!!!!!"

Mommy: "Great job Lexie. What a big poop!"

Lexie: "I know. I made it myself!!"

And lately she's been obsessed with being different animals. So I'll often hear "meow, meow" or "ruff ruff" and at least I know who I'm dealing with for the moment. But her favorite is being a baby bird. She's always saying in this sweet sing song voice "You're the Mommy bird and I'm your baby bird - tweet tweet." Then a couple days ago, after watching a baby bird hatch during "Go Diego Go," she started covering herself up with her blankie and then says "hatch hatch." Last night when I went in to check on her before going to bed, I tucked her blankets back around her and in her sleep she said "hatch hatch." This girls imagination never turns off.
I wonder what she's dreaming about tonight?