My Chatter Box

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So Lexie has become quit the chatter box. And what comes out of her mouth constantly amazes and amuses me.

Lexie: "Mommy I'm the teacher."

Mommy: "Okay Teacher Lexie Lou."

Lexie: She taps her magic wand then says "Eyes on me everyone. Eyes on me!"

She clearly hears that a lot at pre-school.

Then there was a wonderful bathroom moment. She is definitely potty trained but it's still a big deal - especially #2. So tonight after her evening event she stands up and says

Lexie: "Ta Da!!!!!"

Mommy: "Great job Lexie. What a big poop!"

Lexie: "I know. I made it myself!!"

And lately she's been obsessed with being different animals. So I'll often hear "meow, meow" or "ruff ruff" and at least I know who I'm dealing with for the moment. But her favorite is being a baby bird. She's always saying in this sweet sing song voice "You're the Mommy bird and I'm your baby bird - tweet tweet." Then a couple days ago, after watching a baby bird hatch during "Go Diego Go," she started covering herself up with her blankie and then says "hatch hatch." Last night when I went in to check on her before going to bed, I tucked her blankets back around her and in her sleep she said "hatch hatch." This girls imagination never turns off.
I wonder what she's dreaming about tonight?


Jstar said...

What wonderful quotes! I'm so glad you're recording them on the blog, otherwise what would you have to tell her prom date when she's 16?!!?

Lou Ann said...

Oh I like that Jamie! I'm not sure how I'll bring up the bathroom quote but I've got a few years to think on it.

Lisa said...

Oh, that's just cute! LOVE the potty

She has the most luminous & gorgeous eyes!