Thanks, Babies, Music and More - Part II

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The kids were ready for some fresh air and exercise with some of the neighborhood kids (note Lexie isn't too cold to do this!)
I have to ask - why did they let the youngest DRIVE the car?
I'm not sure this is any better.
 Cody decided to get away from the crazy driver Brooke.
 The birthday girl was being the most responsible of the group - note the helmet and appropriate sized vehicle.
 I don't even want to know how Cody got on the back with his scooter.
I can tell you they've had this Gator for at least 8 years and it clearly takes a beating.

One of the gifts Mackenzie got for her birthday was to have her ears pierced. So we all piled in two cars (4 car seats plus 2 big kids and 4 adults don't fit into any vehicle short of a bus that I know of)
and headed to Clair's. Blake & Lexie decided to entertain us on the way there.
It became clear to me that she's mixing up what she's learning on Dora & Kai-lan (plus they teach Spanish at her pre-school) but they were still cute singing.

Here is Z's support team (plus me!)
 Waiting in the chair. A little nervous....
 but very excited too.
 Z was very brave and the results are great. You look beautiful Mackenzie (but you do with or without the earrings!)
That evening we gave the rest of the family a concert to remember!

Here are the QuasWells playing Jingle Bells...
with Blakie on the little guitar
Brooke on the real guitar...
Mackenzie on the very pink drums..
Lexie on the piano..
and Cody on the trumpet. And here they are....
Now that's music!!! And don't forgot to vote for them when they make it onto America's Got Talent.

Well the next day was time for leave taking. Todd & Lori were flying home and Lynn & Brooke dropped them off at the airport on their way out of town. Before they left we tried to get a picture of all the kids together (without a birthday cake in front of them.) With the twins is was more of a challenge then ever.
This first one was the best in this location. We all decided the sun was just too strong so we moved them in the shade and had better results.
 This is nice but Lexie was looking off at who knows what. Below is nice of the big kids and babies (you don't want to know what the little ones where doing!)
 By this time we'd lost the babies but it's cute of best buds Blake & Lexie.
 This is my overall best one. It's nice but I hope Angie got a perfect one (hint-hint..please send it!)
I just love these kids!
Then it was time to say good-bye.
 I think Todd is checking for signs of puking.
 Don't you know they were glad this was a picture with their nieces & nephews and not their kids -haha!
 Just plain silly.
 Todd & Lori will be spending Christmas with her family so we will miss them at Christmas.
Lexie & her Yin-Yin.
Brooke was packing up her essentials...see you in a few weeks Brooke-Brooke.
Now Lexie & I fly stand-by (thanks Jim) and we had hoped to get out Sunday but it took a few extra days. So we had a few more days in Houston to spend more time with the kids.
 We got to see Cody all dressed up for Boy Scouts and he received a new badge too. Nice job Cody Bear!
Then I help Angie a little with the Christmas tree and Lexie & Blake helped watch the babies for a while. Okay - you caught me. They were all watching TV but they were watching WITH the babies.
Lexie did help with feeding Maddox. She really enjoyed spending time with them (when they weren't crying.)
 Who wouldn't want to spend time with these cuties. Especially in the 6-9 mth old outfits we gave them. I'm sure you noticed Maddie is in a pink princess tutu. Who do you think suggested that one?
This was on Mackenzie's REAL birthday. Look at these two sisters almost ten years apart. Just like Angie & I.
Mackenzie had dance practice on her birthday so we all headed out to watch her.
 Lexie couldn't help herself. She had to do a few steps of her own.
 Cody is being a great older brother and patiently waiting for Z to finish so we can go to her Birthday dinner.
This picture makes me wonder what the next 10 or 30 or 50 years will be like for Z. I'm sure whatever she does she'll be great at it.
 Luckily Jim made it back for dinner - yeah Daddy!
 Do you think Z is excited about her birthday?
 Here are the Wells boys, minus a sleeping Maddox.
 And the tired Angie Mommy & Grandma.
 Supporting their sister and cousin to win on her b-day.
If that wasn't enough celebrating there was a surprise cookie cake and a few more gifts waiting for her at home.
 Yes she's a special girl with a special family. Happy birthday Z!!!
Lexie & I headed home the next day but we had a great time and look forward to spending Christmas with the family very soon.


lisa said...

Where to start? Love love all the pictures! What a beautiful fun family! The concert is the best and I vote u on Americas got talent! Only we would know who the Caswells (?) are.... I think we even had their album. Ha ha!

Happy holidays! Glad you are back in H town with the ones you love!