Life With My Dancer

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I'm sure Lexie is like most 4 year olds in that she LOVES to dance and sing all the time. I mean ALL the time. Here are just a few of my favorite dancing moments that I've been treated to recently.

Here she is dress to go to her dance class. Don't ask me why I let her leave the house like this but dance is about freedom of expression - right?
 She loves it when they get to do the ribbon dance.
 As you can see, Lexie wasn't the only one in a creative mood that day.
This is one of her typical Saturday morning dances.
Cousin Mackenzie is also a dancer and Lexie was very excited when Z gave Lexie one of her old leotards. I told Lexie it was still a little too big (like 4 sizes too big) but she insisted on wearing it to class.
 Lexie told me she is a bigger girl because she could wear it. She certainly looks bigger to me.
And here she is wearing the same tutu 2 years ago when she was two. How could she have grown so much?
Even when we were visiting in Texas she tried to teach Blake how to dance (notice I said tried!)
Lexie has also been doing a lot of re-enactments lately. Here she is being little Red Riding Hood and poor Kaboodle is the Big Bad Wolf. Of course this is followed by more dancing.
 I had to find this picture of her when she first got this dress to play princess in. I can't believe how much she's grown in two years (and her hair too!)
And here she is after we trimmed the tree. The girl just can't stop dancing even as she's getting ready for bed.
One of so many lessons I've learned from Lexie is, you can dance any time, any where and in any thing.
Life is short - so dance whenever you can!


minime0910 said...

Adorable!! Love the pic of her with the dog. And bravo Lexie on the striped tights. Her fashion forward Kaz cousin Hannie has the same ones! XOXO Erin