Swimming Lessons

2/02/2010 10:09:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Tonight was Lexie's first night of swimming lessons. Do you think she was a little excited?
Here she was getting ready.
And here she is just before we got into the pool.
Since Mommy had to get in with her that's the last picture you'll see. But her excitement continued throughout the class and I hope through the rest of the lessons! This girl has no fear and thinks she can swim already. That's what she told me. I can swim I don't need lessons - just to swim. NOT!!!


lisa said...

That water just looks cold! reminds me of my 8 am swimming class at SWT....what was I thinking!? Brrrrr

Lisa said...

LOL Did you she have any energy left for the actual swimming part?

Too cute ~ what a doll she is!