First Video of Lexie

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I was looking through some old pictures of Lexie and came across this video. Most of the videos I took at the baby house I used my video camera that has the mini tapes and I haven't figured out how to transfer them to the computer yet (big surprise!) But this was the first one I took with my digital camera. How cute was she and soooooo tiny!! She's about 13 months old here and weighed about 16 lbs. Where did my little baby go?

Oh, the Life of a Princess

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So I'm hurrying Lexie out the door this morning to get her to pre-school and me to a meeting, when I open the door to the garage while ushering her to the car.

Lexie: "Oh Mommy look at the horses. Aren't they beautiful?"
Being distracted and thinking of the 1001 things on my to do list I say "what horses?"
Lexie: "Right there Mommy" pointing to the front of the car "and here's my coach" pointing to the rest of it.
Mommy: "Okay Princess Lexie Lou, let's just get in the coach and go" as I open the back door for her.
Lexie: "Yes, I'm going to the ball and you are my coach driver....please hurry. I don't want to miss my prince."

Oh the life of a princess and her poor coach driver!
 I guess in Lexie's mind that's me - the frog driving the coach!

My Sweet Valentine

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Lexie and I had a lovely three day Valentine's Weekend (thanks to Presidents Day.) Saturday we started wit a little tea party at home with my Valentine Princess.
We did some dancing...
and a show or two with curtsies at the end of course...
then my princess "cooked" me some hot chocolate on the grill. All this on Sat. morning!
Sadly our afternoon was filled with attending the service for my good friend Lisa's mom, Kathy, who had lost her struggle with breast cancer. Lexie and I were privileged to get to know Kathy and Roy her husband over the last two years while I sold their house. Kathy was an amazing woman who spent the last 30 years working with mentally challenged teenagers and adults. It was an honor to get to know her personally and Lexie enjoyed visiting with Ms Kathy both in the garden and by the lake. We know Ms Kathy is now in heaven with Papa. 
Kathy you will be dearly missed.

This was the silly girl I woke up to Valentine morning.
She was in a very silly mood and I have to say it was contagious.
Mommy got her a few little Valentine treats along with this marshmallow lollipop. I can honestly say she took one big bite out of it and she was done. THANK GOODNESS!!
After she took her nap I told her she needed to dress like a princess as I had a surprise for her. She picked this out even though it was always an at home princess dress. But it made her happy so who am I to say no? This was taken right when I told her what her surprise was....
we were going to have a real tea party at a real castle. Okay this isn't a castle (but don't tell Lexie.) They where having High Tea at the Victorian Tea Room here in town so I thought it was the perfect way to spend Valentines Day with my little princess.
It was a big hit and what a lovely spread. Little sandwiches, heart shaped scones and lots of amazing little sweets.
Lexie was very into the finger foods....
even the ones that weren't meant to be.
Even the flowers where perfect according to Princess Lexie Lou.
And once she new what was on the top, well she was in heaven.
She was very well behaved and charmed the staff so much that they gave her not one but two balloon bouquets on our way out.
They have a gift shop with lots of "beautiful princess things" that Lexie had to see. Here she is sitting with all the other little baby princess dolls. I think my princess is cutest!
I finally convinced her it was time to go. Since it was raining I asked her to wait while I put away our packages (yes a few of those princess things came home with us) and I turned around to find her lounging on the bench. She's a funny girl.
Then when I finally got all those balloons in the back of the car, I came around to tighten her seat belt to find this. Now you know she's my daughter!
Next we were off for more girl pampering.
That's right. Lexie had her first real manicure.
I cut and usually paint her nails almost every Sunday but she's never had a REAL manicure. She told me Ms Sally did them better than Mommy. I would hope so!!
And of course we don't have a drying table at home either. She was really cute and the ladies just fond over her which left Mommy time to get a much needed REAL manicure myself.
Once we got home she could hardly wait to show the dogs her "parachute" of balloons.
Luckily she never tried to jump off anything other than the sofa with the hopes that they would help her float. They were a lot of fun and she was very creative in their various uses.
Finally it was bed time so naturally all the sweets caught up with her and she had the giggles. She was cracking her self up telling me all about the day.
Here's my Sweet Valentine!
Finally ready to settle down and go to sleep.

My Chatter Box

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So Lexie has become quit the chatter box. And what comes out of her mouth constantly amazes and amuses me.

Lexie: "Mommy I'm the teacher."

Mommy: "Okay Teacher Lexie Lou."

Lexie: She taps her magic wand then says "Eyes on me everyone. Eyes on me!"

She clearly hears that a lot at pre-school.

Then there was a wonderful bathroom moment. She is definitely potty trained but it's still a big deal - especially #2. So tonight after her evening event she stands up and says

Lexie: "Ta Da!!!!!"

Mommy: "Great job Lexie. What a big poop!"

Lexie: "I know. I made it myself!!"

And lately she's been obsessed with being different animals. So I'll often hear "meow, meow" or "ruff ruff" and at least I know who I'm dealing with for the moment. But her favorite is being a baby bird. She's always saying in this sweet sing song voice "You're the Mommy bird and I'm your baby bird - tweet tweet." Then a couple days ago, after watching a baby bird hatch during "Go Diego Go," she started covering herself up with her blankie and then says "hatch hatch." Last night when I went in to check on her before going to bed, I tucked her blankets back around her and in her sleep she said "hatch hatch." This girls imagination never turns off.
I wonder what she's dreaming about tonight?

Lexie Reads to Mommy at Bedtime

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Here's Lexie reading to Mommy at bedtime.

Do you think we've read them a few times since Mackenzie gave them to her at Christmas?

Thanks Z!!!

Swimming Lessons

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Tonight was Lexie's first night of swimming lessons. Do you think she was a little excited?
Here she was getting ready.
And here she is just before we got into the pool.
Since Mommy had to get in with her that's the last picture you'll see. But her excitement continued throughout the class and I hope through the rest of the lessons! This girl has no fear and thinks she can swim already. That's what she told me. I can swim I don't need lessons - just to swim. NOT!!!