We've Been Here 3 Weeks Now

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WOW!!It's hard to believe we've been here for three weeks now. In some ways it's seems like we just got here and in others it feels like we've been here forever. Lexie is the forever part. It doesn't seem possible that I've only known her for 20 days. I can't imagine not seeing her every day and I've seen such big changes in her that it can't only have been 3 weeks. Life is funny that way. Also the living arrangements don't seem as bad now as they did when we first got here. It just goes to show you can make due with anything for the right reasons.

The last post was of our first full day here. I wrote it when we got here and just never got it posted so I wanted to get it and the pictures on. I've got the day we fly to Aktau and the first day I meet Alexis as well so I'll post them if I get a chance. I want a complete record so I can make a book for Lexie when she's older and asks questions about where she is from and how we became a family. So don't feel obligated to read them all.

Today Alexis is doing just fine as usually. Yesterday she was a little under the weather (loss bowels is what I was told) and she feel asleep in my arms at the end of our first visit which she has only done one other day when it was really hot. So I knew she wasn't at her best but now she's ready to explore more of her new world. It's so much fun to show her something new and unfortunately because of her sheltered life something new is a tree or flower or a car driving by all fascinates her. She's going to have a ball when we get home and sees our crazy world.

Today when I went up to her room to feed her this morning, 5 babies where missing and 4 more younger babies where in the play pen. I wish I'd gotten pictures of the other babies Alexis had been with but maybe I can go to the next group and get some of them. I got pictures of the new babies and boy are they cute and FAT. Three of them are really fat and one is chunky but they all look really healthy. Of course they where all in long sleeve PJ's with feet in them and I think another layer on under that and it is 92 degrees today so it was over 100 in the room. We've got to keep the new babies from catching a cold you know. The other think I noticed was that they all had their heads shaved. They looked like a playpen full of baby skin heads!! When I asked Zina about it she said they do that to babies to keep them cool. Hey, here's an idea. Why don't they just not put them in so many clothes and keep the rooms a little cooler and they wouldn't have to shave their heads. Talk about contradictory. I told Zina that I definitely did NOT want Alexis to be shaved no matter how hot it got and she assured me they wouldn't. Just one more reason to get her home asap. I'll try to attach the pictures of her rooms and the new babies tonight. You'll just have to be satisfied with pictures of Lexie for now.

Keep thinking good thoughts for June 18th as our court date so we can get out of Dodge. Bye for now.