Sorry about That

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Sorry about that last post. Clearly I loaded the wrong picture and then pushed post instead of delete. But since I posted it you might as well enjoy seeing how American companies change the packaging to fit the culture. Clearly Pringles doesn't mean a whole lot here (not that I think it means all that much at home but..) I guess they'd rather eat Kracks the chips. I'm not sure what that little guy is supposed to look like either but it's the only brand of chips we kinda recognized. I'm going to try to get a couple new pictures of Lexie up but who knows what I'll end up with. Here goes:)

The first picture is of three girls we meet at the baby house on the weekend. Their mom's work there and bring them to play while they work. They were very sweet but didn't speak a word of English. They loved the bubbles Mom blew for them and played with some of Lexie's toys. They were very sweet. Gotta run.


Unknown said...

Lou Ann she's a Darlin Girl!!! Mike and I are keeping up with your saga and sending you and your daughter love and good wishes. See you soon and we look forward to meeting the little miss in person!! :-)

Jules said...

You You!
She is soooo beautiful!!! She has even changed in front of our very far away eyes. Your little girl is already growing up :) I can't wait for you all to get back. Hurry!!!
Love you sweetie....and Mom too!