There Can Be Too Many Snow Days!!

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I didn't think it was possible (at least not as a kid) but there can be too many snow days. Especially when they follow a holiday to make a full week off with no school for Lexie but still work for Mommy. We did manage to have fun. Here is a quick look at our 9 days off - 6 of them with snow!
Lexie loved getting ready. Then she "played" for me while I got ready.
Next she had to decide what was the best head gear. This?
Or maybe the Hawaiian Snow Girl look?
 No? Well at least the reindeer earmuffs where getting closer to what was needed.
 Finally we got serious and went with the warm child look!
Now we were ready to head out into our winter wonderland.
 Lexie couldn't wait. She dropped to the ground as soon as we stepped out of the garage, right there in the driveway, to make her first snow angel.
Then she begged for a ride down the street. How could I resist that happy face? But soon it was time to get down to the serious business of making a snowwoman or rather snow princess. What? You didn't think we'd build anything else did you?
You can see how serious Lexie was. Once she found this red nose she was useless to me. She thought she was so funny...which she was.
 She was a total goof ball....
 But we finally managed to get Princess Snow Sara (still her favorite name) completed.
 I tried for a little sculpting since it was really cold and still snowing making the snow pretty wet.
 She looked pretty good once her hair was done!
It was starting to snow even harder and we already had a good 6 inches! But we headed into the backyard to play with Kaboodle a little bit. She LOVES the snow!
 Every time I let her out she would roll and then lay in the snow. She must have some Husky in her.
 Lexie decided to be a pink princess snow dog for a while....
 then she wanted to climb the tree like she does for her "pink tree" spring shots. There was no spring to be found and the only pink in the tree is Lexie.
We had been out for a couple of hours and my snow princess was finally tired enough to head in for some hot chocolate....thank goodness because I was going in with or without her!
 The next day we had more of an ice storm than snow storm so we were looking for more indoor activities, like hoola hooping....then naturally Lexie had to do some cleaning.
 And you can't be home bound without a little horseback the living your Mrs. Clause dress while pushing your baby buggy with your feet.
 Naturally a tea party was in order.
 When we were finally able to drive 3 days into the Great Blizzard of 2012, our first stop was the grocery store for some much needed chocolate, with a caramel apple thrown in to make sure we had something healthy. All of this was needed for our tea party with Belle and Rapunzel. When one has the royals over, one must have more than one source of chocolate you know.
 Somewhere in this week of weather I had to take out the trash (why I thought they would pick up when we could barely make it to the curb I'll never know.) Lexie having been in the house (and yes in her jammies) all day decided she HAD to help me.
 For some reason on the way back she decided to protect her gown. I'm cold just looking at this!
The next morning I was serenaded with Frosty the Snowman....
 At one point we went out to check on Princess Snow Sara and Lexie thought she should be dressed as a princess too. We weren't out long and she had a bodysuit on under it so I thought why not? Clearly I was losing my mind!
 Poor Princess Snow Sara was now an Ice Princess.
 My princess was a Goofy Princess.
 As for the rest of our indoor activities, well of course lots of TV was watched and many a board game was played but Lexie's favorite activity is still dancing...
 and tickle fights that I ALWAYS win...because she lets me.
 We also got a chance to play with this wonderful building kit Mollie, Jeff and their daughter Dinara (also from Aktau Kazakhstan) sent to Lexie for Christmas.
 It was very engaging to build and fun to watch the marbles race down the tracks.
 Thanks Mollie & Jeff for saving my life during one of our last days of surviving the great Blizzard of '12.
Did I mention you really can have too many snow days?!
Happy Snow Days!!