First Day of REAL Kindergarten

9/06/2011 11:32:00 AM Edit This 3 Comments »
I can't believe it's finally here. Lexie's first day of kindergarten or should I say REAL kindergarten!
I know all mom's of kindergartners feel the same way but I've got to say it. My baby is sure growing up fast!
She's so excited and proud of herself since this is REAL kindergarten no pre-kindergarten (which was the summer school program she was in for kids who would be in kindergarten in the fall.)
And here she is with some of her class. I believe there will be 20 students with 3 teachers - sweet.

 She just so happy to bet here and I couldn't be happier too! She really takes on every experience in life with a joy and excitement that leaves me humbled and challenged to look at life more like she does.
Thanks for being such a good teacher Lexie. Mommy promises to be a good student of life - just like you!
Happy First Day of REAL School!