And Here She Is...The Blue Fairy

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This is the first position she starts the dance in so she insisted this was how she wanted to take the picture. Lexie is all about the right and wrong way of doing things. She is my rule follower.
 Here's another position. And yes, she still has two legs. I'm just not sure where she tucked the other one.

 She was so excited and so serious about her part since she was THE Blue Fairy. That's right. Lexie had the lead for her dance. She is the fairy that puts all the other fairies to sleep with the magic wand as they wish upon the star.
By the end they all get a chance at the wand and it's a little funny how each girl has her own style.
This was just the dress rehearsal and they did great. None of them had any problems with the stage, lights or audience.
They were so proud of themselves.
 Little did I know that Lexie was fine partly because she had a 102 fever during this. The day before, I returned her to school following her rehearsal on the big stage and within an hour I got a call from the school to pick her up because she had 102.2 fever. I was so surprised since she'd had shown no signs of not feeling well. A dose of Motrin and a good night sleep and I thought she was just fine. But right after this before the finale practice I realized she was hot again so I call the doc and she took Lexie right away. Yup she's got an ear infection even though her tubes are still in. Lexie was crying because she wanted to do the finale practice (and the rule was if they missed this practice they couldn't be in it for performance) so while I was waiting for her prescription I brought her back for practice.
She had so much fun with her fairy friends.
 But as soon as her part was done she was fading fast.
And by the time she came off the stage I had to practically carry her to the car. This was Thursday. The antibiotics kicked in and by performance time on Sat she was good to go!
There were balloons, a fairy wand of her own, a blue fairy statue and a couple of other little things waiting for her when she woke up from the family and I. She felt very special and was so excited!
And she was back to her silly self. She was also thrilled to have make up on (even if it was just a little blush & lip gloss.)
We ended up having about a 45 minute wait so I'm glad we brought a few princesses along to keep the girls occupied.
How cute where the "little" girls who where on right before Lexie?
Then it was our turn to line up.
 Do you think they were excited?
And they did great!!! Lexie was very funny with several stage whispers when one of the girls would forget to do something. They were all thrilled with themselves and all us parents were so proud.
Only three of the girls stayed for finale (which was an hour & a half later) so our girls decided to be mermaids to pass the time.
After the finale of course my star got flowers both from me and Grammy.
 Funny thing was on Sunday for her second performance she asked if I could throw flowers on the stage at her like they do in Angelina Ballerina. Lexie was so sweet and gave each of her friends roses as well as her teachers. Mommy is so proud of her Blue Fairy both for her dancing skills and her generous heart!