Drum Roll Please....

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....I wrote a book.
Ever since Lexie started asking me for our story - The Mommy & Lexie Story - I've had the idea that I should make a book for her. So I did it....I wrote our story on a Blurb book and "published" it. I was very impressed with the free software Blurb provides you and the whole process was much easier that I thought it would be.
You can see if better if you make it full screen (Mom & Aunt Mary Lou click on the icon on the bottom right side of the box - next to where is says Blurb.) 
So here it is....

I know it's too wordy and childish but it really is pretty much how Lexie and I "tell" the story most every night. I have tried to shorten it but she always wants the long version. Oh my little detail girl. And sure there are several things I'd like to change about it but overall I'm pretty please with how it turned out. I gave a copy to my Mom on Mother's Day since she was with us for this adventure. Then Lexie and I read it to her pre-school class for her class birthday celebration.
She was so excited and proud to have a book all about her. I think it made her feel special instead of different since the class birthday celebration consists of the birthday girl or boy carrying the earth (aka a blow up globe) around the sun while the kids sing a sweet song about "the earth goes around the sun the sun..." Then they stop and the teacher tells something they did for each year they have gone around the sun while pointing it out on their "life" board.
For the first year, most kids parents tell about their baptisms, first steps, first words. Since Lexie's first year was spent alone in a baby house....well, instead we read our story.

Tomorrow, May 25th, is the fourth anniversary of the day Lexie was Born to Me. The day I met her and held her for the first time. Simply the best day of my life.
Happy Born to Me Day - Lexie!!