More Funny Lexie-isms

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This morning I asked Lexie to let the dogs go out. She came back upstairs to tell me she had to "talk to the dogs." What did she need to talk to them about? She said "no tripping humans!" Good rule, Lexie.
On our drive to school I hear from the back seat "Mommy did you know the rings of Saturn are made of dust and ice" soon followed by "Mommy, you know God is Jesus' daddy?" I have no idea how these two pearls of wisdom are related but at least she got her facts right!

"A tadpole can't breath air with his gills. He has to wait until he grows lungs to breath air" was another fact of life Lexie shared just before she brushed her teeth the other night.
Another thought that came to Lexie as we were driving that she felt compelled to share was "Uncle Jim-Jim is a prickly face and Maddie & Maddox are not. But they puke from their noses." I guess that makes them even?

Every time she sees the number 12 she says "that's Cody" (that's how old her cousin Cody is) and a 22 elicits a "that's your birthday Mommy" no matter what the 22 has to do with. So sweet.
She knows our phone number, address and how to spell her full name and will spout it out at the most interesting times like if she meets a new child that asks "what's your name" she'll say "Alexis Falen Quast 360-....." The poor child will get a blank look in her eyes like "but what am I supposed to call her?"

L: Knock knock
M:  Who's there?
L: Boo
M: Boo who?
L: Don't cry Mommy I'll come visit you.....hahaha....does that crack you OUT?

We were waiting in line at the store and Lexie saw a man scratching a lottery scratch ticket.
L: Mommy, can we get one of those so I can itch it?
I love it when she says "excuse me" to the dogs.

I handed Lexie her pajama top & pants to put on the other night and she said "Actually, I prefer a gown madam" as she curtsied to me. After I stopped laughing I got her a gown.
Since buying Tangled the day after it came out (because I think it is hands down the best princess movie made) Lexie loves to play the parts while watching the movie. Of course her favorite is Rapunzel and she must dress like her. Lexie has informed me that her hair is NOT long enough so she came up with this to solve her problem. Plus I've been told that we can't cut her hair again until it at least touches her feet.....which should be about Aug at the rate her hair grows.
Note the frying pan (aka a plastic garden trowel), the purple dress she got for her second birthday (which is clearly too short but is still too big for her torso) and of course, her "pink hair" that she tied off to a crown. Pretty smart hue?  Lexie really gets into her roles these days. Too adorable!!