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I asked Lexie to please unload the silverware from the dishwasher. Usually she enjoys "helping" me with this chore but after placing just a few pieces in their proper places she says:

L: Mommy, I can't do this.

M: Of course you can Lexie.

L: I need to go play so you can be Cinderella today and do all the chores.

Nice! At least Cinderella gets the prince at the end of that story (my real prince must have gotten lost along the way) but I did remind her that WE don't have any Cinderellas in our house since we both have chores. She managed to get all the silverware put away AND play. Life is good.


So I had to make a few rules for Lexie's new trampoline after just the first hour of use:

1- no shoes (especially high heeled princess shoes)
2- no gowns
3- no crowns
4- no dogs - especially the live ones Kit & Kaboodle

Don't you have the same rule for your trampoline?


Lexie and I got into the car to run some errands and this is the conversation we had.

Lexie: Where we are going Mommy?
Mommy : We need to go to the post office, grocery store and my office.
Lexie: Can we go to Mars too?
Mommy: Mars? Umm....sorry Lexie we don't have time to get to Mars before we need to get home to feed the dogs and cook dinner. Besides I don't have a space ship to take us to Mars.
Lexie: We could take the Space Shuttle.
Mommy: I think it's being used right now.
Lexie: We can take the car.
Mommy: Honey, this car doesn't fly.
Lexie: .......I know. We can use reindeer!
Mommy: Lexie we don't have any reindeer either.
Lexie: We can go to the North Pole and ask Santa - very politely - if we can use his.
Mommy: Okay. If we did, how many would we need to make this car fly?
Lexie: All the girl ones.
Mommy: And which ones are girls?
Lexie: Dancer & Prancer, Comet and Vixen too.
Mommy: Alright, how would we get to the North Pole to borrow the girl reindeer from Santa?
Lexie: We can take a train like Frosty did.
Mommy: Frosty tried to buy a ticket but he didn't have any money so he had to sneak on board. We don't sneak.
Lexie: But we have money right? So we can buy the ticket.
Mommy: But honey we still don't have time to make the trip. Why do we want to go to Mars anyway?
Lexie: To visit Martian Mickey.

Thank you Disney for a very entertaining conversation with my 4 year old on the way to the post office. I'll keep you posted on our pending trip to Mars via the north pole.


I put Lexie to bed at her regular time and after 3 different trips back into her room for itching, too much light & needing to be swaddled (yes just like her new baby twin cousins) she calls out to me yet again. I march into her room to tell her to go to sleep and stop calling me when she says:

"Mommy - I CAN'T sleep because I'm nocturnal."

I was amazed not only by her vocabulary but also by the fact that she used the word correctly and her natural ability to manipulated me into getting what she wants. Oh my brilliant little girl!