Good-Bye Kit

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Five and a half years ago I brought this little guy home from the pound...
along with this fuzz ball. I named them Kit & Kaboodle and they've been together ever since.
That is until Monday when Lexie & I returned to the house after being gone for about 3 hours. Since it had been raining on and off that day I had keep them inside. So as soon as I pulled into the garage I went inside to let them out. They both greeted me at the gate and I got the usual lick on my hand from Kit as I let them go outside to do their business. I went back to the garage to help Lexie out of her car seat. It didn't take more than a minute. She ran upstairs and I told her I would let the dogs in then feed them before I joined her. As I was walking back towards the slider, I notice Kit was laying on the patio with his head against the slider..... as I got closer I noticed his tongue was hanging out and very blue. When I opened the door he didn't get up or move his body but his eyes followed me. I knelt down to hear him take a gasp of air....then nothing. I was talking to him and tried to see if he had something in his throat but he took another gasp of air and I knew he was in real trouble. I grabbed my phone to call the vet and told Kit to hang on . Sadly he couldn't. I called to Lexie to get back in the car as I pet him and I think he took his last breath. But I couldn't give up so I managed to get his limp 55 lb body into the back of the car for the 40 minute ride to the after hours vet. I knew it was too late. As I drove I told Lexie that I was pretty sure Kit had died and gone to heaven to play ball with Jet (my sisters dog who had just passed away a couple of months ago.) Lexie, God love her, turns to look at him in the back of the car and said "No Mommy, Kit's right here." Out of the mouths of babes.
Needless to say the vet couldn't help Kit. He thinks it was a heart attack or brain aneurysm because of how fast it was and the fact that he was fine literally a minute before he died. So we had to return home without Kit to a Kaboodle that was frantically looking for her brother, partner in crime and best buddy. She's still looking for him every time we come home and I have to admit, so am I.
I hadn't realized how much Kit was MY dog until he was gone. He was ALWAYS in the same room that I was in. I mean, I would find myself tripping over him at least once a day. I would get out fo the shower most mornings to find Kit curled up on the rug next to the tub. The dog followed me everywhere. Kaboodle is much more Lexie's dog. She lets Lexie put hats and crowns and bows on her but Kit would have none of that. He just wanted to be with me when I was home and with Kaboodle when we were gone.
Here is the last picture of him just before we went on vacation this month.
You will be missed Kit!

Introducing the Newest Member of the Family - Colton!

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That's right. My younger brother Todd and his wife Lori added to the family this week. Colton Todd made his way into the world on Aug 2 and we all couldn't be happier.
 Colton and Mommy just hours after his birth. Doesn't he look like he's smiling?!
 Daddy and his little man. It's been a LONG time since Todd held his infant son....22 years give or take. Todd now has the oldest and the youngest of the grandkids. Nice job bro.
 Just an hour old. Check out those cheeks.
 And here are the two brothers - just hanging out.
 Colton takes after his Daddy - he's a great sleeper!
 He's getting ready for his first car ride.
 Lori and Colton ready to break out of the hospital. Great job Lori!!
Now Lexie is going to drive me crazy until she gets to meet her new baby cousin. We both can hardly wait to hold the sweet little guy.
Welcome to the world Colton!

More on Lexie later. I'm behind - way behind!