A Quick Trip to Texas

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You read it right. Lexie and I made a quick trip back to Texas this weekend for the twins Baptism. Nope, we just can't get enough. It was very last minute - literally decided on Thursday night and headed out Friday afternoon to arrive at the house around 8:30 Friday night. Lexie was all for it. She's always up for a visit with her cousins PLUS a chance to wear a princess dress (AKA last years Easter dress which is about 6 inches shorter but still fits!)
Since this was a double baptism of infants it was twice the fun getting them ready (in the bathroom at the church.)
Maddox was perfectly happy getting ready for his big day. Don't you just love those little rolls on his legs and arms?
And here he is looking dapper in his suit. He's looking pretty darn handsome for 5 months old!
While Angie & Mom where getting him dress Lexie, Blake and I were keeping Madison entertained. Or I should say Blake was....
Now that's entertainment!
Next it was Madison's turn to get into her gown.
 She wasn't as sure about the whole thing. I think it had something to do with Blake's singing.
 This was while they were trying to get this long gown buttoned. Who puts buttons on the back of a baby's dress?
But she looked just precious when it was finally on her.
Then Angie decided to be Super Mom and hold both the babies herself. I call her Crazy Mom since Maddox now weighs 20 lbs and Maddie is a petite 18 lbs.

I tried to get a shot of the whole clan but it's hard to get 2 infants as well as a 3, 10 & 12 year old all to look at the camera at the same time.
During the baptism Maddox took a little nap
 but Madison was checking everything out.
They both did great during the actual baptism. I think they both thought it was bath time!
Here are the newly baptised twins!
Angie decided to take these sitting down since her feet, arms and back where killing her.
I even managed to get a picture with my Goddaughter and daughter. What a special moment.
I love this picture of Lexie sitting in God's light.
We all headed to lunch and then said good-bye to Jim's family. Back at the house we tried again to get some good group shots while everyone was still dress. Here's grandma with her gang (minus 4.)
Angie with all of hers.
And me with my special one!
But we weren't finished celebrating. Cody was turning 12 in just 3 days so we decided an early family party was in order.
I couldn't be more proud of the young man Cody is becoming. He's a great older brother, terrific big cousin and all around great guy. I can hardly wait to see what the next 12 years bring for him.
So it was a fast and fun filled weekend and I'm so very glad we had the opportunity to make it. But I think both Lexie and I are ready to keep our feet on the ground. At least for a week or two!


Lisa said...

What absolute angels, all of them!!!

Love LOVED the pic of you with your best girl!!! :)

lisa said...

the twins are just precious! and all the kids look so happy...so glad you got to come home for the weekend!