It Takes a Village

12/14/2010 11:06:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
So in the spirit of holidays past, I decided Lexie and I could handle not just a gingerbread house but a whole village as our craft project for the weekend (what was I thinking?) Lexie was very excited when I showed her what was in the box.
 She jumped right into the assembly of the houses.
 She took the icing and decorating of the house so seriously that she took off her princess costume and crown so you know she meant business!
 And she was very proud of her work...
 But when she was getting bored by her 3rd house I told her I guess I needed to call some of Santa's helpers in like maybe his favorite reindeer.
 She couldn't believe that I actually did it.
 But when she realized that it was icing well of course she had to "clean it up." Oh my good little helper.
Once we pretty much finished all the houses well they needed to dry before we put them together as a village so it was off to the bath for my little decorator.
 Once she was all clean she insisted that she was still hunger so a bowl of oatmeal later she was ready for bed. At least according to me. And I promised I'd finish the village. And here it is.
 Pretty darn cute or so I thought.
When I showed Lexie the next morning she said she love it and it was almost perfect. Almost?? She told me this made it perfect.......
Princesses and lots of them! I should have known. What was I thinking? Of course every gingerbread village needs princesses and their friends to make it complete.
And here's my little princess so thrilled to have her own gingerbread princess village.
But what really cracked me up was her story about the princesses in the village. You have to watch this.
This was just one of her "stories." And I love that she's acting like the teacher asking questions of her student - me! She thought she was soooo funny teaching Mommy all about the princesses.
Now I wonder how long gingerbread will last. Anyone have any suggestions?