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Outside decorations & witch - CHECK!
(And yes that is a rather sad broom she's holding between her legs!)
Painted pumpkins?
 If you remember a few posts ago Lexie telling me that the pumpkins might be afraid to be painted, well you can see she was very gentle and no pumpkins where harmed during their painting. Lexie told me they like it because it tickles. So these are happy painted pumpkins!
So painted pumpkins - CHECK!
Cleaned out pumpkin for carving.....
 CHECK (only because Mommy did it. This was the only time Lexie had her hand in the pumpkins!)
Happy with the carving - CHECK!
 Pumpkin has the bigger head - CHECK! (even though Lexie said she did - not!)
Second pumpkin carved & drawn on & bejeweled - CHECK!
So can you guess what they are? This should help. Here they are with their creator.
 And here is the whole royal family - CHECK, CHECK & CHECK!!!
Now for a few little teasers as to what Lexie will be for the big holiday.
 Footwear that we made ourselves.
 Now what could these be?
Can you guess what she'll be?