Way More Than a Pumpkin Patch

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I'm happy to say that Maris Farms has become a tradition for us - if you can call doing something two years in a row a tradition. Whatever you call it, this is way more than a pumpkin patch and lots of fun!
Lexie's first stop was the corn room. Nothing like the gentle massage of walking on corn kernels or the not so gentle feel of someone tossing them at your head.
 Making Corn Angels is the best according to Lexie.
Here's a short video to get a better feel of the craziness of the corn room.

Did I mention crazy! And yes that is a live band on the other side of the barn.
Then we were off to the conveyor belt slide which was new this year....

Next stop, the cow train where a girl can really expect a wild fast ride..
 not...I mean how fast can a tractor pull a dozen barrel cows?
But she still loves it.
Then a little jump house action...
and a very serious tractor race....
and a visit to the barnyard animals complete with a team of racing pigs. Of course Lexie just knew the pink team would win. But she was too impatient to wait for the race so we were off to a different kind of race.
A peddle race. This gave me nightmares of Lexie behind a different kind of wheel.
We did actually stop at the pumpkin patch - just barely.
All this was on our way to one of Lexie's favorite places at Maris Farms - the tunnel slide as she calls it.
This was her PLEEEEASE may I go again look. And yes it work.
After I could drag her away from there we went in search of some food. But Lexie found goat food (not exactly what I had in mind.)
It's the silliest thing. These goats are waiting on the goat walk 15 feet above your head.
You buy the food, put it in the tin cup,
pull the rope VERY hard...
until the cup gets up to the very happy goat. Pull the cup down and repeat. See I told you Maris Farm was more than a pumpkin patch!
After feeding the goat who do we run into but Cinderella. I know...more than a pumpkin patch. I'm thinking the connection (which is really stretching it here) is the fact that Cinderella drove to the ball in a PUMPKIN coach. See you just had the aw haw moment didn't you?
 So Lexie & Cinderella had a serious discussion about mice, fairy Godmothers and the prince then we were off.
To the pillow jump!!!
It's a hoot how much air her hair got.
 Here she is when her turn was up. She was just so excited.
Here's a video so you can get an idea of how big this thing is. I've never seen one before and I think it's great that it's buried in sand so even if you slide off you don't get hurt.
Cool hue?
Finally we found the people food. Lexie informed me that she had NEVER eaten a carmal apple (poor deprived child that she is) and she must have one. I'm not sure if she really liked it all the much or she just saw it as a challenge.
We had to run to get in line for the face painting. Running was silly since it was a half an hour wait. Of course I waited in line while Lexie
played around in the kids courtyard.
 A big hit was the hanging tunnel.
Along with more sliding, climbing & racing.

Until finally it was her turn. What does she pick....
A cat just like last year. I guess that's another tradition.
Now the sun was starting to go down so the race was on.
One more ride on the cow train (Don't you love the big kid with the pig nose riding the little cow train?)
A quick pony ride.
A jump on the pillow (yes that is the moon in the sky behind her.)
A half a dozen trips down the tunnel slide
And as the sun set behind Mt Rainier...
I somehow got it in my head that we should be on the last trip of the Monster Truck.
Clearly I lost my mind.

But it was entertaining if a little uncomfortable (notice no padding of any kind on those seats!)

Finally we had to call it a night - literally.
The ghosts & goblins were starting to come out so my little kitty and I headed on home. I can hardly wait for next year when we can start the tradition all over again.