The Perfect Seattle Day

7/25/2010 12:14:00 AM Edit This 4 Comments »
Lexie and I are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country - the Pacific Northwest. And today I think anyone would have had to agree. It was 80 degrees, no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. Lexie and I grab a ferry and headed over to Seattle. What a breathtaking day it was.
It was a little windy at the front of the boat but clearly Lexie didn't care. And here is what she was looking at - Port Orchard where we live.
This is looking back at our town. How blessed are we to get to see this every day!
We went inside for a little while and I thought this was a great shot with Bainbridge Island behind Lexie as we passed it.
Then we are heading towards Mt Rainier for a while. Clearly God's handy work.
Here she is my sea faring girl with Mt Rainier in the background.
We take another turn and Seattle comes into view.
And what a view it is. It's days like this when you understand why Seattle is called the Emerald City.
Here's the rest of the city from the end of the ferry.
After our hour ferry ride we are ready, set, go!!!!
I had to grab this shot as we walked along the piers to the.....
Aquarium. Lexie was very excited to go and she wasn't disappointed.
Here she is checking out a star fish through the glass. But then...
she got to experience them through live. The touching tanks where just terrific.
As you can see Lexie agreed.
Here she is pretending to be an octopus but when she saw one up close....
she was totally grossed out. We were lucky she was out of her cave. What an amazing creater. But I didn't get to spend much time watching her as Lexie was off.
This was the only kind of octopus Lexie wanted near. Help it's got her!
Eventually we headed outside to view the seals, puffins, other sea animals and birds. This reef was just breath taking. A couple hours later we were both done which left us enough time to head up to Pike's Place Market. I haven't been there in probably 5 years. I don't know why I just never seem to take the time. I'm so glad we did today. A lot has change, on thing is the walk up. It used to be dirty and felt like you were walking through smelly allies (maybe because you where.) No more.
These beautiful blossoms where planted along the walk ways and stairs to get up to the market. Nice job Seattle. We found some great local treasures. Home grown fruit especially the Rainier cherries, some cute baby clothes for Angie's twins and of course my princess found crowns. These are bridal crowns I'm told by my crown expert and she had to have one. Soon after that purchase we headed back to the boardwalk because I wanted to make sure Lexie got to ride on the famous indoor carousel.
Here she is with her new crown on her horse Princess Pink Rose. Fitting name I think! Then we were off to Ivar's for some equally famous clams - yummy. Lexie was much more interested in feeding the "e-gals." I couldn't convince her they were seagulls.
She would have thrown all my yummy clams to them if I hadn't stopped her.
A few more stops along the way and it was time to head back to the ferry. My feet were certainly ready! Here's the problem with bride crowns - they are uncontrollable.
Good Bye Seattle. We'll be back - sooner than later!
Now that was a perfect Seattle day spent with my favorite person on earth - Princess Lexie Lou.