Princess Camp

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You read it right - Princess Camp.
 I know most kids are going to soccer camp or girl scout camp or my niece even
went to a cooking camp. My Lexie had to follow her heart and go to Princess Camp.
It was no biggie, just 3 hours at her dancing studio but she had a lot of fun and it's
 nice she can keep up with both her interests - princesses & dance.
You've gotta love a girly girl!

Here she is trying out her best Princess pose before we left (I simply don't know where she gets it from!) They had costumes at the studio but Lexie insisted on wearing HER Cinderella costume. Who am I to argue? Of course the jacket came off before we left the house. I was informed that princesses don't wear anything that itches and it itched. See you learn something new everyday.
Here she is with her BFFs Ariel & Bell. Then it was off to fly with Tinker Bell.
Now these are NOT wall flowers, no sir. These are princesses in waiting....waiting for their turn to dance with prince charming (even though there were no boys at Princess Camp.)
From this point on it was lots of fun and games. They danced, read Princess stories, made crafts and even did some princess make up (I know that for sure since my princess had lots of glitter in her hair.) Mommies where told to leave & come back for their princesses soon after this shot was taken. So this Mommy headed over to Queen's Camp were I indulged in a Queenly mani/pedi. Now that's MY kind of camp. I came back to find.....
a very happy but tired Princess. So rather than take her to pre-school I took her home for a nap and some pool time afterwords.
Hey our pool may not be big but there's room to sit...
dance and...
and play in it. Lexie loves it and that's all that really matters. So that was our day July 21, 2010 three years after Lexie & I landed in Houston as a family after 30 hours of flying from Almaty Kazakestan. Okay I'm done with the 3 years ago today posts.....until next year.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer - we are!!!