Pretty Amazing

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Not to say that I'm jaded by all things military but having grown up on Air Force Bases around the country (and a few outside the country) and hearing an F-4 fighter jet coming to a screeching halt on the air field a mile or so away just meant that Dad would be home for dinner to me. So I've seen a lot of impressive military sights in my time. But I was pretty darn impressed today when I had just dropped Lexie off at her pre-school and I was heading to an appointment when I saw this....
 a Trident nuclear powered submarine heading out of town.
 And no they didn't turn around and head back to City Hall.
 I got caught up in the excitement of it's leave taking and followed it a little ways. Here it is going right towards an apartment building I sold a year ago - cool!
 Then all of a sudden one of the follow boats started to catch up to the sub so I knew something was up.
 Sure enough a Washington State Ferry was heading right towards them.
 I mean really. No one at the base thought to check the Ferry schedule?
 I'll bet the morning commuters where surprised to look out and see the sub so incredibly close.
Blessings to the crew who are heading out to parts unknown and specially prayers to the families that will be waiting & hoping to see this sub come back home safe and sound.

Then after Lexie's piano lessons I pulled out of the teacher's drive way to this sight....

 a family of deer quietly munching on dinner. Then I turned a couple of corners and this was the view out my window. Simply breathtaking.
Lexie and I are so blessed to live in such a beautiful, special part of the world.
(Aren't you amazed - I think this is the first time I've posted without a picture of Lexie:-)


Lisa said...

Wow...just wow!!!

What beautiful sites you captured and absolutely not something you see in the harbor every day!!

lisa said...

U r blessed! In so many ways! Glad u took the time to smell the roses. Happy late thanksgiving to you both!
Lisa and Stella