Embracing Her Inner Princess

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As an early birthday present to Lexie and my Mother's Day gift to myself, I decided Lexie should have her first professional photo shoot. Well I guess if you call the WalMart photo studio professional then this was it. I've always meant to have formal pictures taken of her but it never seemed to happen except Santa, Easter & Halloween where you just plop them down in the little set and hope for the best. Because this is my princess obsessed Lexie I had ordered 3 costumes on eBay for her birthday (none of them made by Disney!) and I gave them to her early so we had a princess session. Here's my little Snow White.....
How sweet is she? (and the dress was just $7.60 - boy do I love eBay!)
Then of course she called the pink one her Sleeping Beauty. Whatever works for her.
She was so pleased to wear her favorite pink crown and then when the photographer gave her the parasol she was in seventh heaven.
Now that is my giggle little princess. Then came Cinderella or rather the blue dress.
This even has a hoop in the skirt. You've got to love eBay!
This is actually my favorite I think. Forget the gowns & the props. Just give me my sweet Lexie Lou.
This one is a keeper too.
 We weren't in the studio more than 20 minutes including costume changes. Now that we've played at this with the costumes I may take her to a real photographer....someday. The best part of the day was when we were walking out of the shop and she gave me a big hug and said "Thank you mommy. I feel just like a real princess!" What more could a mommy ask for?


Diane said...

Oh my goodness Lou-Ann, how gourgeous is she??!!! I LOVE the one on the pink where she is laying down. Walmart you say?? Ciera HATES getting her pictures done and I have not had any professional ones done since she came home, so I was thinking I should do this soon....and get a few with mom in the shot too!!

So glad to see she is totally recovered now and looks to be her happy healthy self again.

minime0910 said...

These pics stopped me in my tracks. She is STUNNING. And the costumes are so cute!! This is deserving of a Disney trip!! We'll meet you down there haha!!

Kim said...

I have been pleased with WalMart's pictures too. These of Lexie are beautiful! Great idea to do the princess photo shoot!

Lou Ann said...

I thought about getting my picture taken with her but I couldn't decide if I should be one of the dwarfs, the evil witch or one of the good fairies!

Jstar said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are fantastic! I'm sure it's all the gorgeous subject (and her mama's smart eBay shopping)

lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Wow!!!! What a special Mommy to know what makes her little Lexie so very happy!!

Have a great birthday weekend both of you!


Jeffery and Mollie said...

BEWARE! This photo-shoot thing gets addictive! =) We have done 12 mos, 15 mos, and 18 mos and will do 24 mos also - and each time I spend more than I want to because she is just so darn cute!
Lexie is pure sunshine, plain and simple - what a lovely little girl!!! What a lucky mommy! Thanks for sharing!

McMary said...

What a Gorgeous little Princess you have.
I haven't been reading blogs for a while--just no time--so it was fun to catch up on Lexie's adventures.
I love those dresses you found for her. You are such an inspiration as a mom.
Hannah has her first professional photos tomorrow. I am planning to be in a few also but as it gets closer I am dreading that part of it.

Mamita said...

Oh, my goodness!!!! Lexie is really a princess. She is so cut!!!
It´s glad contemplate girls and boys from aktau are really happy.