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First I'm happy to say Lexie has been back to her old happy self most of the week. She's had a couple of days where she didn't want to go to school and really cried while I was leaving. But the teachers assured me that she stopped crying a few minutes after I left and everyday when I pick her up she's been her usually happy chatty self.
Here she is after church helping me get ready to plant flowers in the pots out front. As you can see she's even getting her color back.

She was taking the planting very seriously. They've been learning about plants and how they grow at school so she was telling me all about it. Did you know plants need sun, water, dirt and worms to grow?
We went out to celebrate a successful day of school and to bribe her to take her medicines by going to Mickey D's. This picture just cracks me up! Such a silly girl.

Now you may be wondering why I've called this post Backtalk. Well it's not because Lexie has started back talking me but it's to celebrate my younger brother Todd Quast who has a horse, Backtalk, running in the Kentucky Derby tomorrow. Here is Lexie wearing her Derby hat in honor of her Uncle Todd.

If any of you are racing fans then be sure to catch the Derby Saturday afternoon and if you're a betting person put a little something on Backtalk. A little birdie told me he has real heart, loves to run on a sloppy track and has a good chance at his Run for the Roses.


lisa said...

She always makes me smile...what a cute girlie girl! the cutest!

singletracey said...

I love her hat! :-)

minime0910 said...

My cousin lives in Lville and tells me Backtalk is the talk of the town!! Crossing my fingers for a good race, I will be sipping my mint juleps and watching!

Lisa said...

So glad to see she's getting better each day!! What a sweetheart she is!!