Surgery for my Sweet Little Freight Train

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So this is the reason my sweet Lexie Lou will be having her tonsils & adenoids removed and new tubes put in her ears. Sadly that is just during an afternoon nap and not at night when she's really loud!! Her Ears, Nose & Throat surgeon said her tonsils & adenoids are so big that they are blocking her airway and she's simply not going into a deep sleep. She's sleeping 12 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap and is still tired. It's also causing sleep apnea which is really freaking me out. Before her snoring was keeping me awake, now when I don't hear the snoring I wake up to make sure she's breathing. So on April 5, the Monday after Easter Sunday, Lexie will have the surgery and hopefully she'll get her first good night sleep in months (and so will Mommy!) I've been warned the recovery will take about 10 days and is pretty painful - poor baby. And the 7-10 days are surprisingly painful due to the scabs from the cauterized wounds coming off in the back of her throat (yikes!) Mom is coming up to help with her and she's looking forward to some GaGa bonding time. Once she's healed Lexie should be a healthier, happier girl who will sleep like an angel again. And her tubes should help her hear better and improve her speech. I'm not sure if I'm ready for more talking though!


Kristen said...

Poor Lexie! I hope this helps her to feel better.

Kristen, Annika, and Amelia

Lisa said...

Oh, that poor sweet girl. It sounds like this should do the trick but its heartbreaking to think of that recovery.

Hard for her and hard for Mama too.

minime0910 said...

Bummer about the surgery!! I have heard though that its much easier and less invasive to have this done when you are young!! I hope she has an easy recovery, I will be thinking about you guys :-) Erin

Jstar said...

Shoot, that stinks, but it does sound like it's the right thing to do for your angel. Sash still snores pretty badly (it's common with cleft kiddos) so we know exactly what you mean about the freight train in the room next door... I keep hoping and a-praying that she grows out of it and it doesn't get bad enough for more surgery, but if it does then I know who to call for support :)

BTW, Lexie's going to love having that video when she's, say, 16! You'll want to keep it around to show her dates how precious she was as a wee one.

Kim said...

Little freight train! Ha! I didn't get that until I saw the video. Poor thing. She will feel so much better once she heals.

Jeffery and Mollie said...

Poor Little Lexie! How are you taking it? As another mom facing inevitable surgery for her little one, I can only imagine some of the thoughts you are having. Are you having it done at Children's in Seattle? Thank you for sharing the news and we will be thinking of Lexie and sending her much love and good wishes through her surgery and recovery.
Jeff, Mollie and Dinara

Diane said...

I found your blog via another Kaz blog! My daughter is from Karaganda, and she had the same thing as Lexie, same as you I would panic when I didn't hear her snoring. She also had her tonsils and adenoids out, after the 2nd night home I could not believe the difference, it took several nights before I got used to the silence!!

I think the surgery is harder on us moms, my daughter bounced back pretty quickly and today only snores a bit when she has a cold.

I hope Lexie sails thru the surgery and that you don't get too stressed :-)