Oh, the Life of a Princess

2/23/2010 11:10:00 PM Edit This 5 Comments »
So I'm hurrying Lexie out the door this morning to get her to pre-school and me to a meeting, when I open the door to the garage while ushering her to the car.

Lexie: "Oh Mommy look at the horses. Aren't they beautiful?"
Being distracted and thinking of the 1001 things on my to do list I say "what horses?"
Lexie: "Right there Mommy" pointing to the front of the car "and here's my coach" pointing to the rest of it.
Mommy: "Okay Princess Lexie Lou, let's just get in the coach and go" as I open the back door for her.
Lexie: "Yes, I'm going to the ball and you are my coach driver....please hurry. I don't want to miss my prince."

Oh the life of a princess and her poor coach driver!
 I guess in Lexie's mind that's me - the frog driving the coach!


Jstar said...

At least you have a smart looking purple hat and cap! The shoes leave a little to be desired, though... oh, and the green complexion has to go.

Lisa said...

LOL That is beyond cute! Love that imagination and well....at least you are along for the ride and not left back to do the sweeping and mending! :)

She's so pretty ~ and I'm so behind on catching up! Loved the last set of pics too!

Kim said...

What a cute post! Lindsay is just entering the princess phase. She is obsessed with the Disney princesses and pretends to be them just like Lexie. How cute she looks in her coach. And yes I feel like the frog at times too! Their little imaginations are non stop that's for sure! Enjoy these days!

Julian and Sara said...

Very cute!! Zoe is very into Cinderella at the moment so we can relate.

I am looking forward to catching up on your blog!!


McMary said...

Wow--what a great imagination and cute story. I am sure you are a great coach driver.
Did she make it to her prince on time?