Zoo Lights

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Tonight Lexie and I headed over to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma for the annual Zoo Lights.
It was rather cold for both of us and my camera so the pictures aren't what I'd hoped for but you'll be able to get the general idea. They do a terrific job and it's such a festive activity.
In the center of the display area they have the Tacoma Narrows Bridges complete with cars going over it and the "waves" of the sound underneath them.
And here is Mt Rainier off in the distance behind the bridges. For us locals it's a great reminder of the beautiful area that we live in.
I am trying to get the scope of the light display in this one but clearly my simple little Kodak camera can't do the job.
This is how bright all the displays really where- sorry it's out of focus.
My sweet pea and her wonderful new fake smile I seem to get a lot these days!

This is towards the end of the night and she was getting a little tired.
This was how most of the evening went.....her running from area to area - zoom!!
Her favorite part of the night was riding a camel. Yes a real camel - just like Mommy did in Kazakhstan. Every time she sees one of the pictures of me in Almaty riding a camel she begs me to let her ride one. Like I can just go saddle up the camel in the back yard. So this was a great treat for both of us. Here she is sitting on the back of Mohave the camel just before I jumped on.
This is from the back or should I say the hump of the camel. You can just see the top of his head in the lower right corner of the frame;) I'll have to figure out how to get the still picture they printed out onto a disc and add it later. But you can see how excited she was.
And second only to the camels was the carousal.
I have to say the Point Defiance Zoo has one of the best I've seen. They have everything from this beautiful tiger...
Along with a frog, llama, elephant, pig and several others animals as well as this polar bear Lexie rode the first time.
You can see she was loving it. She told me to let go of her because she was a brave girl. Isn't that the truth!!
So much joy for a dollar ride!
And here was my favorite creature.....a Mystical Sea Horse.

Once again Happy Holidays to everyone!