Turkeys, Turkeys Everywhere

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My sweet niece Mackenzie saw this great turkey project in a book at the library. So she checked it out and has been waiting to make it until Lexie & I got to Texas. I usually do some craft project when I'm with the kids and she proudly picked this one. Great job Z!!!

And yes we both know this is NOT a turkey but it was as close as she could get to a Turkey Hat.

Here are my helpers - CoCo & Blakie

Lexie Lou & Chicken Z

Not too far into the project we lost one of our BOY helpers but Cody worked twice as hard to make up for Blake.

Both the girls worked hard even if they were silly a lot.

Since this was supposed to be a surprise for Thanksgiving we were trying to keep the adults out of the kitchen (I don't count as an adult - lucky me!!!) We caught Unkle Jim-Jim/Daddy trying to spy on us!

After about an hour of hard work Grandma decided my helpers needed a break (notice that Blake became a helper again as soon as sweets were involved) so she had them help her put the finishing touch of powered sugar on her brownies.

She got lots of help from Blake but I'm afraid Lexie was so famished from all that hard crafting that she did a lot more tasting then helping.

When I came into the kitchen and saw Lexie covered with powered sugar I asked the big kids what happened and this is their innocent response. Note Blake in the background "cleaning up" the counter.

Lexie thought she was sooooo funny and so did Blake!

After cleaning up THAT mess (thanks Mom) I got the kids back to finishing up the project.

And here they are.....all 14 Turkey Hand Toilet Roll Napken Holders for the Thanksgiving Day table. We ended up with a pirate (since we were shy a couple of eyes) and a one eyed monster but I think they look fabulous!
Great Idea Mackenzie!!!