A Visit Down South

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Lexie and I went to visit the family down south for two weeks. First to my sister Angie's house outside of Houston (boy is it hot down there in July) and then for a weekend of horse back riding at my other sister Lynn's house about an hour outside of New Orleans (boy it's even HOTTER down there in July!!)

We were blessed to get to see everyone on July 4th weekend except my oldest nephew Casey and my oldest brother Kyle both who couldn't get away from work. This was our attempt to get a pictures of all the kids sitting together and smiling. We got close anyway. For some reason we didn't get one with all the adults too. I think it was the heat....did I mention it was hot?

Here are the kids (minus little baby Blake who was already fast asleep) helping me read a bed time story to Lexie. Of course we ended up reading 5 to her so everyone could have a turn.

Did I mention that my sister-in-law Irma and the kids Dylyn and Damian made it up from Mexico? Now you can see why she doesn't visit often....sorry Irma. I couldn't resist!
Here's what Irma looks like when she's not thinking of reindeer at Christmas.

My brother Todd & his wife Lori (Yo-Yo to the kids) made it for the weekend as well.

They had to fit us in between horse races - which they came in first place on 3 races (click here to read about one of his wins) while they where there - yeah whoo GoldMark!! Todd trains race horse for GoldMark Farms and they are entering their third year of racing and now are seeing some amazing horses. It was great to catch up and hear more about their latest "babies."

Lynn & Brooke also made it in for the 4th and of course Mom now lives just a few blocks from Angie, Jim & the kids. It's so wonderful to have all the kids together. Casey you know we missed you but I don't know if you miss being "the monster" now that you are a big college man.

It was a great family weekend packed with lots of fun for the kids and adults alike. The fireworks show we went to was lots of fun and of course Lexie knows that Mommy ordered them special just for her 2 year freedom day celebration.

Here's Angie & Jim the hosts of the gathering. Aren't they cute?

Can you tell it was a hot late night for the kids?

The next day I did a craft project with the kids. I love to do one with them whenever we get together...partly because I enjoy the time with them and partly because the mess drives Angie crazy!! As you can see this project was in honor of my Princess Lexie Lou's fairy crown she got at the parade and has worn everyday since. So here are my beautiful fairy princesses and one prince. Cody decided he's to old and manly to participate.

Fairy Princess Lexie (I hope she stops doing this pose from her dance soon!)

Lovely Fairy Princess Mackenzie

Precious Princess Dylyn

Wild & Crazy Prince Damian

Darling Princess Brooke

And I want to say how proud I am of Princess Brooke. This was taken soon after Aunt Angie cut off 10 inches of her hair so that she could donate it to Locks of Love. What a wonderful gift to give Brooke!

Of course once Cody and Blake saw home much fun we were having they just had to join in the picture taking session. Note they still wouldn't wear the crowns we made for them.

Here are some other fun moments with the kids.

Do you think Blake wants to go out and play?

Dylyn & Brooke reading in the GIRLS ONLY TENT

Don't they look so sweet & innocent?

Now that's more like them!

Yin-Yin and Blakie enjoying a quite moment.

These two where fast buddies the whole time. Damian is a year younger than Mackenzie's mature 8 3/4.

And these two did very well together overall.

Pajama party!

Goofy girls!

And no, that is not alcoholic - it's just a shake!

They are covered in sunscreen and ready to swim.

Can you tell I'm a kid magnet? They know their U-U (that would be me) LOVES them!

This is the start of a HUGE jumping/diving contest. They were all winners to me!

Aunt Irma wanted to get in on the contest.

Scores: 8.7 Damian 8.3 Cody 9.8 Irma - for keeping up with them!

Brooke & Lexie navigating the sea of toys in the pool.

Now here comes trouble!

Sadly we had to say good-by to Uncle Todd & Yo-Yo and then Yin-Yin (aka Lynn) and Brooke had to head back to Louisiana too.

Group Hugs all around!

The left-overs waving good-bye!!

After the leave taking and in between swimming,

going to the park


and a slumber party at grandma's for the bigger kids (poor Lexie & Blake)

(the feast Grandma made for them for dinner)

(the morning after)

we decided that Dylyn & Damian, who live in PV Mexico and have never been to the states (except when Dylyn was about 10 months old) should experiences some of the finer kid entertainment greater Houston has to offer. So we took them all to see Ice Age 3 at one of those movie theaters that serve meals and snacks and drinks during the movie. That part was fun and the older kids liked the movie but the dinosurs where toooo scary for Lexie so we had fun dancing around in the lobby.

The next day it was off to ITZ - kind of a Chuck E Cheese for older kids.

I guess Lexie didn't know how much fun she was going to have.

She knows GaGa will always take care of her.

Of course they have all you can eat bars....I think they lost money on our kids!

Damian strikes ticket GOLD!!

Blake would just throw himself down the blow-up slides. Wild boy!

Lexie got to drive the train choo choo!

Then she and Mackenzie where driving a Big Rig (makes a mamma proud!)

Next she and Cody rode the tail of the Roller Coaster - she's so brave.

Needless to say - fun was had by all!!!

Okay, that is more than enough for now. I'll have to do the trip to Lynn's horse ranch another time. Lots more to come....horse riding lessons, dress up and a big storm with a big time stunt move by Daddy Jim!! I'm sure the suspense is killing you.