Count Down to Number 3!

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Yup that's right. I'm counting down to number three - years that is. Lexie will turn three years old this weekend, May 17th. I can't believe it! And of course what was going to be a little something has somehow turned into a Ballerina Dance Birthday Extravaganza. Okay it's not that big but it's certainly going to be bigger than what I had originally planned. I'm not complaining since it's so wonderful to know how many people love Lexie and simply want to share this celebration with us. And of course I'm looking forward to enjoying every minute of it.

I enjoyed making the invitations once I finally found this, so you all have to endure one more SmileBox post. I couldn't find any invitations with just Ballerina's on them because it seems the rage is princesses this year. So I ended up using this scrapbook format for the invitations. Now everyone is invited - just please RSVP!!

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I just love how each page "builds itself" as it goes along. Okay, invitations done - check. Dance studio reserved and Tanya, the dance teacher, all set to come keep the kids moving and entertained for 2 hours- check. Cake ordered - (thanks Jules) check. Rest of the refreshments - kinda settled on and a few things bought - not really checked. Decorations and gift bags - more or less know what I want and have most of the gift bag stuff but now we have at least 5 more kids coming so back to the stores - not even close to checked. Lexie's outfit - bought a really cute dress but I've been informed by the birthday girl that she will be a ballerina since it's at Ms Tanya's dance class, sooooooo I guess Mommy will be finding a really cute tutu or I'll be dragging the sewing machine out tomorrow night - thought I had it checked but clearly didn't "check" with the right person, namely the birthday girl. So I'm thinking this will be the last anyone hears from me until 5pm on Sunday after taking the ear plugs out, throwing away whatever cake is left over so it's not sitting around the house begging to be eaten and having a chance to re-think how much cake and ice cream a three year old can handle before they totally melt down. I'll let you know what I find out!?!