The Rest of the Story

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So I pick Lexie up from daycare and she asks about Princess SnowLady. As soon as she gets out she runs over to her. Lexie doesn't seem to notice that she's missing her head but she's very worried that the nose, eyes & mouth have fallen off. So she carefully puts them all back - sorta. Then gently pats her on the head and.....

takes a bite of her nose. Go figure!

When I asked her what she's doing, she gave me this look............WHAT?

The Following Day (and the last I hope)

Same scenario but you can see she's had a stronger reaction to the amount of melting that happened. Poor Princess SnowLady!!

She once again tries to put her back together again as I explain that Princess SnowLady is melting so she can water the grass and flowers to help them grow big and beautiful.

She really started getting the giggles when I teased her for making 3 eyes, then 4 eyes then 6 eyes. This was the end results of our Beautiful Princess SnowLady!!

So don't worry everyone. I think Lexie is going to be just fine.