Lexie Finds Lexie

2/26/2009 09:34:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »

So Lexie and I went walking along the boardwalk the other day and there is a building that has this reflective mirror for windows. Well Lexie was just fascinated with her image. Of course she's seen herself in the mirror before and I think even a full length one, even though I don't have one at home. But she was just too funny. You'd think she had found a new friend the way she was turning this way and that, trying to see all of herself. I showed this picture to a friend and she asked me who was the little girl Lexie was looking at through the glass. I thought that was a hoot. It was Lexie finding Lexie!

It was a beautiful day with virtually no wind so the sound was like glass. Lexie loved discovering the starfish clinging to the rocks by the shore and it was so clear we could see pretty far down. Then she had to climb on every rock, jump over every line in the cement, peek through every hole and then go to the playground to test out every piece of equipment. Oh the wonders of the world when you are two. It was pure heaven sharing it with her.

That night she decided she must wear the sunglasses I found for her when we got home since her eyes were "too sunny" from earlier in the day. Funny, funny girl!