Christmas Fun

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One of other fun Christmas activities Lexie & I managed to squeeze in since our return from Texas was going to The Nutcracker. It was preformed by a local company at the high school for a LOT of the elementary school kids.

Can you tell she was excited? Her Montessori school was taking the elementary kids but her class wasn't going since she's only in pre-school. I thought she might enjoy it since she's a "ballerina princess" you know so I asked if they had a couple of extra tickets. So we got to tag along. I'm so glad we did.

Some of the characters were walking around in the audience while all the kids got seated so naturally Lexie went right up to them. There is not a shy bone in her body!

It was a nicely done performance as well as they keep their audience in mind by keeping the entire production down to just over an hour. During the intermission they had the Mouse King come out and tell the kids how the production is run, how they make snow, light cues, etc. It was a wonderful introduction to musical theatre for Lexie. Of course she keep saying "that's me" every time a ballerina would come on stage.

A couple of nights later we were off to the official Port Orchard Tree Lighting Festival. Nothing like life in a small town.

They started with The 12 Crafts of Christmas in the library. We got there in time for just the last few of them. But the best was the creative scarf Lexie got to make out of felt. She is proudly wearing it as she went on to the next table.

Then they had story time followed by a puppet show.

I have to say the Story Time Lady was much better than the puppet show. It was the youth group who put that on and I think they were pretty much winging it. But the kids couldn't tell....sorta.

Then it was a walk through town and a stop at the bakery where they let the kids decorate gingerbread men or teddy bears. Lexie wanted to "do a girl" so she went with a the teddy and made it pink- big surprise!

Then we were off to hear Austin, a friend of mines youngest son, sing for the tree lighting ceremony. And I've got to tell you it was COLD that night. I mean really cold like 28 degrees with a wind chill of about 0. That is really cold for us.
I somehow lost Lexie's gloves so I gave her mine. She's such a good sport. The kids were really good even in the cold and the tree lighting went off without a hitch. Then we were off to the marina to vote on the best boat decorating contest...I mentioned small town right?

Here are a couple of the entries. Walking down the floating piers in the dark with the wind whipping at us was quit the adventure but Lexie insisted on going. Then finally we followed the parade with Santa and Mrs Clause on the fire truck to the park where she got to meet them. Lexie was so excited and they had it set up so you could just take your own picture. Sadly my camera's battery was running out or it was too darn cold - I don't know which. But this was all that I got.

I know - it's a little well creepy. Luckily I got to take her to the mall and get that better shot of her. Of course Mrs. Clause couldn't make it there but at least Lexie got to meet her this night!

Lexie also got to experience her first class Christmas party at her pre-school and Mommy happily joined her. They had a performance by one of their classmates and then low and behold who stops by but Santa!

He was clearly one of Santa's helpers but the kids where still glad to see him. Then it was time for snacks and the best part of all - the gift exchange. Each girl brought a present for a girl and the boys for a boy.

I think Lexie was having a little present envy because Jazzy got to pick before she did and she picked the Tinker Bell bag. But have no fear, Lexie was very happy with her Polly Pockets.

Here she is with two of her best buddies Clair and Anika. Anika is a very mature 5 1/2 year old who has taken Lexie under her wing at school. She's a doll and I'm so glad Lexie has her to play with.

And finally before I forget here our traditional Cousins Christmas Picture.

Aren't they cute?! And it wasn't easy to get. The big kids were so good while the little ones.... this was Blake's favorite pose most of the time

I LOVE the tongue action!! And Lexie thought Cody & Z where there to swing her.

Well we're off to Copper Mountain Colorado for a white Christmas.
I want to wish everyone a joyous Christmas with the people you love!!!


lisa said...

you two do the best stuff! Lexie is soooo lucky to have you as her mama!! Happy Holidays to you both!

McMary said...

What fun times you guys always have. She has gorgeous outfits to match her beauty also. Happy Holidays to both of you--even though I am late.

Kim said...

Hi! Yes Welby and I were in Uralsk at the same time. Our kids are from the same babyhouse! Your Lexie is adorable and so grown up! I love the snow pictures. You have inspired me to plan another CO trip. We love to snowmobile and my son would LOVE those tubes. How cute she is ice skating on her own.
Enjoyed the pictures! Happy New Year!