Parades & Ponys

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Just a quick post to share a couple of events we attended during Lexie's days as an elephant performer or was she a performer as an elephant? I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I wasn't a stage mom forcing Lexie to dance and not giving her any rewards for her amazing performances as the second to last elephant on parade! After her first fantastic performance (watch for her name during Oscar nomination time) we celebrated by going down to the local festival and riding a pony - see the happy cowgirl above, going in the bouncy thing and listening to a local band while Lexie played at her favorite ocean side playground.

Then the next day after her second performance we made it to the "Fathoms of Fun" parade. I discovered that Lexie LOOOOOOVES parades. In the picture above you'll see us waiting for the parade. A nice man and his granddaughter where selling these "princess crowns" as my royalty expert called them so of course Princess Lexie Lou had to have one. Once it was on her head my shy, reserved, introverted daughter decide she should practice her dancing with her princess crown on for the crowd.

Here she is finally finished preforming for her fans and sitting down to enjoy the parade like the star she is. Oh life is good for my little dancing Princess Lexie Lou!

*No child was forced to dance during the taking of these pictures & video*

Two Years And Counting

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Just a quick post to say Happy 2nd Freedom Day my sweet Lexie Lou! Two years ago on July 4th at 4:04pm I carried Alexis Falen Quast out of the baby house for the first and the last time. What a wonderful feeling to know that I was her mother and no one could change that.

And here she is today getting ready to go see the fireworks on July 4th with her cousins (accept Casey whom we missed a lot) Aunts, Uncles (except Uncle Kyle whom we also missed,) Grandma & Mommy.....who ordered those fireworks just for her you know (hey - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Happy to be goofing around with them...

And here she is earlier as princess for the day. My wonderful family didn't forget in all the celebration of the nations freedom that it was Lexie's Freedom Day too! We are so blessed with an amazing family that loves us!!!

Thanks so much everyone - we love you too!!!