Lexie THE Weekend Art Project

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This is what I get for trying to multi-task with a toddler!

Sunday morning when I told Lexie this was a magic marker that would just wipe right off after she drew with it, of course, I was talking about the board not her. Silly me for not being clearer and trying to get a couple things done around the house while she was busy with her new project.

Lexie was very happy when it came off and said "see Mommy it is magic!"

Note to self: Dry eraser markers come off with good old fashioned soap and water and a little bit of scrubbing. Second note to self: supervise all two year olds using these Magic Markers!

Saturday went a lot smoother with our first trip to the park in 2009 on a rather blustery but still beautiful afternoon. This girl does love to slide and swing!

But before we headed outdoors we had our first lunch at the table like a big girl instead of in her high chair. She's been ready but I haven't. Since she learned how to climb out of her crib at 20 months the only place I can put her and know she'll be there when I get back is her high chair so I haven't encouraged her to eat at the table. Since she's two months shy of her third birthday I figure Mommy had better start being a big girl and let her eat at the table. You can see she did a great job and was very proud of herself.

I guess even Mommy's have to grow up sometime.