Workin' At The Car Wash

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What do you think? She could at least do this as a summer job, right?

I promise there was no child slavery involved in this activity. There was barely any child labor! She wouldn't leave me alone until I let her "help." Now my car has more dirty spots left than when we began but we had fun doing it.

I also want you to know that we started our afternoon of errands with a trip to her favorite park. I took her ball along because I say a father and son the other day kicking a ball and realized that it never dawned on me that we could and should be doing the same. She surprised me at how good she is at kicking even while she was on the run!

Of course she did have to pick a "flower" along the way and we ended up at the swings and slides but I may have a soccer player in the making. Of course I've never played a day in my life so what do I know?!?

Lexie THE Weekend Art Project

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This is what I get for trying to multi-task with a toddler!

Sunday morning when I told Lexie this was a magic marker that would just wipe right off after she drew with it, of course, I was talking about the board not her. Silly me for not being clearer and trying to get a couple things done around the house while she was busy with her new project.

Lexie was very happy when it came off and said "see Mommy it is magic!"

Note to self: Dry eraser markers come off with good old fashioned soap and water and a little bit of scrubbing. Second note to self: supervise all two year olds using these Magic Markers!

Saturday went a lot smoother with our first trip to the park in 2009 on a rather blustery but still beautiful afternoon. This girl does love to slide and swing!

But before we headed outdoors we had our first lunch at the table like a big girl instead of in her high chair. She's been ready but I haven't. Since she learned how to climb out of her crib at 20 months the only place I can put her and know she'll be there when I get back is her high chair so I haven't encouraged her to eat at the table. Since she's two months shy of her third birthday I figure Mommy had better start being a big girl and let her eat at the table. You can see she did a great job and was very proud of herself.

I guess even Mommy's have to grow up sometime.

The Rest of the Story

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So I pick Lexie up from daycare and she asks about Princess SnowLady. As soon as she gets out she runs over to her. Lexie doesn't seem to notice that she's missing her head but she's very worried that the nose, eyes & mouth have fallen off. So she carefully puts them all back - sorta. Then gently pats her on the head and.....

takes a bite of her nose. Go figure!

When I asked her what she's doing, she gave me this look............WHAT?

The Following Day (and the last I hope)

Same scenario but you can see she's had a stronger reaction to the amount of melting that happened. Poor Princess SnowLady!!

She once again tries to put her back together again as I explain that Princess SnowLady is melting so she can water the grass and flowers to help them grow big and beautiful.

She really started getting the giggles when I teased her for making 3 eyes, then 4 eyes then 6 eyes. This was the end results of our Beautiful Princess SnowLady!!

So don't worry everyone. I think Lexie is going to be just fine.

"Happy St Paddies Day"

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Lexie says "HAPPY ST PADDIES DAY!!!!"

Snow in March in Seattle?

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You bet. I couldn't believe it when Lexie and I woke up this morning and she said "look Mommy, snow!" And we are talking SNOW not just a little but big huge heavy flakes. At first I let her just go out on the deck in her boots (thank you Brooke) and jammies.

But it quickly became clear that we needed to bundle up and go out front, especially when she decided to throw snowballs at me while I was still in the house taking these pictures! By the time we got dress up to go out it had stopped snowing and within 5 minutes of being outside it had started to rain. After all we are in the Pacific Northwest. So Lexie and I built the quickest snowlady every. And here she is Princess SnowLady.

We were soaked within 15 minutes of going outside but Lexie had a ball. Now that the sun is out I'm glad we did it then since it looks like the snow will be gone before the sun sets. As you can see, Lexie insisted on kissing Princess SnowLady good-bye before we went in.

We came in to warm up with some hot coco & whipped cream (Lexie's favorite part) and she went right down for her nap. I just hope Princess SnowLady is still there when Lexie wakes up as it's really melting fast.

Later that same day

Well I'm afraid things didn't go well for the Princess and I'm talking about SnowLady not Princess Lexie Lou (which is how she introduces herself to everyone right now.) We went back outside just 3 hours after we made her and her whole face had melted off, one of her slippers had blown away and her apron was down around her ankles, so to speak.

Lexie insisted on putting her back together as best we could and kissed her good-bye once again. I told her that tomorrow she will probably just be a pair of wet slippers and a dirty apron. Tonight when I was tucking Lexie into bed she told me not to worry that Princess SnowLady will be fine. Who am I to argue with the all knowing Princess Lexie Lou?

She Makes Me Happy

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What can I say. She makes me happy. Times are tough right now for everyone and being the sole provider as a real estate agent when everyone is afraid to buy, can't buy or doesn't want to buy now because they think they'll get a better deal sometime down the road, is not easy. But coming home to this amazing, funny, caring, smart little princess simply makes me happy. I don't know how she does it but each day with her is more interesting and fun and special then the last. Tonight she stubbed her toe as we were going to her room to get into her jammies and of course the drama ensued. Once the toe had been kissed and her tears dried she turned to me with a hug and a big smile and said "Mommy, I'm happy again." Just that simple. A kiss on her little toe from Mommy and she's happy. How can I not feel that happiness ten fold.

Love is so powerful and yet so very simple.