Santa is Coming to Town

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HoHoHo - Merry Christmas from Lexie and Mommy too. Things are definitely feeling like Christmas around here and I'm surprised to see that Lexie is actually getting a lot of it. Of course who wouldn't love seeing lots of lights and presents and "kismos twees." She is really enjoying all the activities and I just love watching her. Tonight Angie, Mom and I took the kids to go visit Santa at the My Santa Experience and it was lots of fun. You don't just wait in a long line to sit on Santa's lap for 20 seconds and hope your child doesn't totally freak out which is what happened with Lexie last year. While we were shopping this Thanksgiving at one of these super outlet malls here in Houston I found this My Santa Experience store and I'm really glad I did. The kids first go into one room where they write their letter to Santa with the help of a friendly elf and then mail it in a very special mail box. It actually goes straight to the north pole so when the kids open the mail box the wind and snow blows on them. Way cute!

Lexie was so excited when she got to mail her letter. She loves wind so when it blew snow in her face she couldn't stop giggling!

Next was the craft room where they had several little projects they could choose from to make. They all did something different but did a great job. Mommies got to help since glue was involved and we didn't want any big messes or eating going on. Lexie took hers very seriously.

Then we were off to meet the big guy, Santa....well one of his best helpers since he had a heavy Texas accent! First Cody talked with him and of course he told him what he wanted and that he'd been good.

Then Mackenzie was next. She told us before she went she really didn't want to talk with the helper Santas that she only wanted to talk with the real one. But when it was her turn she was very sweet with him and even gave him a big hug. Later she said he seemed like a nice man so she wanted to be nice to him.

Finally it was Blake's turn, who had been dancing around the room with Lexie having a good old time but as soon as Angie tried to get him to sit on his lap he did his famous go limp so you can barely hold him let alone get him to sit down. The plan become to have Z sit on one leg and Cody kneel down in front and Blake put on his lap as Angie moved quickly out of the shot (can you tell where she went off to?) So we have one with him looking confused, the next with him starting to cry and the last with his mouth open clearly beyond upset. That was my personal favorite but Angie didn't agree with me.

Then this Santa has a second set up where there are a couple of trees and a bench so they tried Santa behind them so Blake couldn't see Santa and first with Angie in the picture even though she didn't want to be in it. They got a couple of good ones but Blake was really done with the Jolly Old Elf. So this was as good as it got.

This whole time I was doing my best to keep Lexie out of the shot since of course she wanted to be with her "favorite" (which is her favorite word these days) cousins. So she was dancing and singing Jingle Bells and having a good old time. I didn't get to take any pictures of this since no cameras were allowed in this room. But she went right up to him. She got very shy but never cried or was worried. She smiled a couple of times on his lap but they never got a picture of it. I liked the one where she's talking to him....I just wish I knew what she said.

We moved to the second set up between the trees and of course they wanted me in it. That was the only part Angie and I both didn't like. If we wanted a family photo we would of dressed for one and told them that was what we wanted. But when Santa is standing there telling you to sit with your children you....well sit with them. Anyway, we finally got Lexie to smile on camera and then she hugged him on her way out.

After that a snack was in order so there was Mrs. Claus in the next room with giant cookies for the kids to decorate and take with them. Well Blake didn't care what it looked like he just wanted to eat it. This was clearly his favorite room. The other kids had fun icing theirs and Lexie really got into the sprinkles. She shook on at least half a bottle on hers.

I have to say they saved the best room for last - at least as far as the kids were concerned. The final room was the snow room. It was that stuff which is cool to the touch but doesn't melt and will clump up for a snow ball but when you throw it then it breaks up. They had a blast. They threw snowballs at each other, then tried to build a snowman and even skated around on it. It was really fun and they stayed in there about 30 minutes while Angie and I looked at the pictures. A really nice feature was that they give you all the shots on a USB memory stick and a release so you can print more up where ever or email them to people. Overall it was a great experience rather than a chore you have to get done. I know the kids said they had a ball and are really really glad they went! Of course Lexie said it was her "favorite!!"

Tonight when I put Lexie down to bed she clearly was still thinking about the evening since she couldn't stop talking about it. Even with the lights out, her music on and snuggled down with her blanket, she'd be quite then I'd hear "Santa...snow...wind...snowman." So sweet. I'd tell her we had to go nigh night and she'd be quite for a few minutes then I'd hear "jingle bells jingle bells" after I stopped laughing I told her we really needed to go to sleep. An hour later she finally drifted off but it's great to know she'll have sweet dreams tonight!

Well we are off to my sister Lynn's house in Louisiana. She and Brooke can't make it here this year to be with the family for the first time ever so we are going to celebrate Christmas there this weekend then drive back here for our second Christmas. Hey two Christmases are always better than one. So more early Christmas pictures to follow. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope your holidays are filled with family, joy and love!

PS - Lexie says "Mawee Hismas and evewthing!!!"