I Dream of Jeannie

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As you can see she made a darn cute Jeannie, if I do say so myself. Everyone thought she was so adorable and there wasn't another Jeannie in sight which always makes me happy. She had so much fun as usual. This kid really enjoys events and activities. She just jumps right in.

Here she is before we left the house right after her nap and lunch. We first got her picture taken at a local photo studio that was doing drop in Halloween pictures. I figured I'd try that before with the hopes of getting one good one with her hat on. The only problem is she was more scared of the studio than she was anywhere else. I deliberately didn't take her anywhere set up for older kids or where there would be "scary" things because she's been freaking out at stores since the Halloween stuff has been out (which was like Valentines Day right!) Anyway, after that we went first to a small local mall to meet some friends and see how she would do. She was pretty timid at first but very quickly warmed up to it and would even say "kik -oh-kret" and always "hank u." Very sweet.

Here she is looking like she was begging "please sir, may I have some more?" I do feed this child.

And the HAT...it was a pain from the beginning. She didn't want to wear it for the longest time. My child who won't sit on her potty chair without a hat on wouldn't wear the hat whenever I tried the costume on her or we practiced Trick or Treating. I also have been rigging it since I got it in the mail 6 weeks ago. The hat they sent was just cloth so I have stitched and then stapled cardboard in it and then added a neck strap to keep it on but of course she was pulling it off or it got caught or whatever. But the hat is what makes the costume so I actually ended up bribing her to wear it. I swore I was never going to be one of "those" moms and there I was in the parking lot of the mall telling her they wouldn't give her any candy if she didn't wear the hat. So wait, that makes me a liar as well because I had to give her an "M" to get her to keep it on. Bad Mommy!

Next we were off to the community center here in Port Orchard that has games set up for the little ones to play. Lexie LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!
Of course she didn't play by the rules but she was so cute no one cared. It was very nicely set up with a local youth group running most of the games. Lexie liked that they were "kids" and she got help from a lot of them. She also decided that rather than throw a ball at the cones that she would simply re-arrange them and before you know it she had another little boy joining in.
She really enjoyed doing the "cake" walk (they gave out prizes instead of cakes thank goodness) and she would just jump in the middle of the game and follow around whenever she'd see the kids walking on the numbers. The "fish" for candy in the colored paper was a big hit too. As you can see from the golfing pictures, a Tiger Woods she's not. At one point it seemed that she thought a few extra clubs might help her game...not!

She couldn't get enough of the face painting. This very kind older lady did it and Lexie just kept turning her face to have another one done or when we left she would go into a room and then go back to her again. That's when she put the "flaw flaw" on her hand because she had run out of room on her cheek. It was very sweet and the lady could actually paint unlike the young girl who did her at the pumpkin patch.

By our third trip to the face painting table I was dragging and so was her hat. It was more than time to go but my little party animal really didn't want to. I did resist bribing her once again and just put her coat on and left as quickly as possible. Over 5 hours of Halloween fun was more than enough for my little two year old Jeannie even if she didn't know it. A quick late dinner and she was crashed the minute her little head (minus the hearts) hit the pillow.

PS - I had to include the picture of Lexie at her dance class on Wed since they all were encouraged to wear their costumes. Aren't they all adorable!!