Doing the Fair

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Ever since I shot a movie in the Seattle area over a dozen years ago and discovered the Puyallup Fair, I love going every year. I've dragged my sister, her kids and husband (sorry Jim) and Mom and whomever else I could get to go with me. And since it's always right around my birthday, I've been able to guilt someone into going if nothing else. Well I've found a kindred spirit in Lexie. From the minute we walked through those golden gates (okay they were yellow but to Lexie and I they glittered like gold) she had a ball! And talk about no fear - that child would have gone on the log ride, the big slide and I think even the bungee chair if I would have let her. For 6 hours she ran Mom and I from one adventure to the next. Rides, games and animals, you named it she wanted to explore it. We even got a little shopping in but I have to say for the first time I didn't really care if I made it to all the shopping booths or not. Lexie was just plain too much fun to watch. She proudly won this dolphin by slamming the dinger with the sledge hammer and hitting the bell - well kinda. But she picked the dolphin over the frog which really surprised me and then she carried it everywhere - until the next ride of course.

Here she is searching for her next adventure. Look at those pink cheeks - did I mention it was really hot, like 85 degrees which was one of our hottest days of the year. Yeah Pacific Northwest!

Driving a ATV or a big yellow dump truck, she was all over it!

You would have thought she was going down a category 5 rapids the way she hung on but she never once wanted out or cried or anything. She just had so much fun. At one point on this "ride" I splashed her so she scooped up some water then put it on her own head. What a mimic. Then she tried to lean over the boat to dunk her head in the water. Luckily the "river" was so narrow she couldn't do it because I don't think I could have gotten to her fast enough to have stopped her from going in head first. My little dare devil!

The animals where another favorite of hers. She had no fear - goats, sheep, lama, pigs, even full grown cows, she would walk right up to them and pet them and say "oh baby...sooooft." It didn't matter how big it was to her right now it's always "oh baby" and then she will pat it. She is one funny little girl.

Yes, this is my pretty little girl next to a sheep's butt. Nice shot GaGa!

I'm not sure who had more fun on the Carousal GaGa (aka - Grandma ) or Lexie. This was her first ride of the day. She saw it and said " go!" So GaGa bought the tickets and off they went. Way cute. It was also the last ride of the day. We dug the last few wrinkled tickets out of our pockets and she was just as excited to ride it again.
I don't have one of those end of the day shots where the baby is asleep on some one's shoulder or in the stroller. Nope, we had to drag her out of there even though it was already past her bedtime. It was the only time she cried all day. She didn't even fall asleep on the drive home however she did pass out the minute I put her in her bed.

Now I have a fair partner for life. Lucky me!!!!