Freedom Day - One Year Later

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JULY 4th

July 4th this year found Lexie, Mom and I at our local little carnival and later on the BIG fireworks show. Lexie jumped right in and went on all the little kiddie rides (there were all of 3) and was a complete dare devil. No fear! Mom & I enjoyed her thrill of it all and it was a nice way to celebrate Lexie's Freedom Day. This time last year I was walking out the door of the baby house with Lexie for the last time and what a great feeling that was. So once again I ordered fireworks for the whole country to enjoy. I hope you had a chance to catch some of them. That's how we finished our day - watching the fireworks and feeling so blessed.

So the rest of the summer was filled with work for me sprinkled with wonderful moments of Lexie. Here she is "helping" me water the plants. Shhhh don't tell her that I unhooked the hose after MY last watering.

Lots of growing from Lexie - almost 2 inches this summer but I still can't get any more weight on her so she's still 27 lbs. The doctors all say she's fine so well just keep doing what we're doing and not worry about it - too much. She still doesn't have all her teeth but two of her back teeth are poking through. She has been teething literally since I meet her. Oh my little drool queen!