Potty Time

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Yes it's Potty Time in our house and it has been, well kinda, for months now. At the end of Lexie's first week of daycare in Jan when I picked her up, the teacher asked me to bring pullups to make potty time easier. What? What potty time? I was so surprised since she was only 20 months old and had never shown any real interest in the potty (other than to throw my phone in it.) The teacher said when the older kids in class lined up to go, Lexie got in line just like they did. So the teacher pulled down her pants and took off her diaper and away she went. Of course the teacher thought she did this at home as well. Surprise!! So I rushed out to get a little potty just like they had there and when I proudly showed it to Lexie she ran screaming from the bathroom. Okay...clearly she thinks going to the potty is a group activity and not to be done at home.

I tried moving it to different locations in the bathroom or to a different bathroom with the same results. So I just left it there with the hopes that she would show an interest in it at home. She does use it as a step stool to brush her teeth at night - whoo pee.

After we returned from Mexico she showed a little interest so I tried the reward of one "M" (known to the rest of the world as M&Ms) if she goes potty and I told her she'd get two if she went poop. For a while it was all very exciting and whenever I asked her to go potty we were successful more often than not. But rarely did she say I have to go potty on her own. I didn't want to push it though since I didn't have the time to not leave the house for a week while we focused on that - as I have been told by many moms as well as read that it takes that kind of time commitment to seal the deal. Plus she's only pooped twice and both of them were clearly surprises to her.

She is getting better. Most mornings she is dry and as soon as she wakes up now she say "poppy...poppy" and off we run to the potty. She will barely enter a public bathroom so I just am not ready to go with only big girl panties and have accidents while we are out during the holidays. So Jan 2009 will be diaper free for this household. Why I am mentioning it now? Well because how she dresses to go potty. Yes my Little Lexie Lou must wear a hat even to go potty. And these are just the hats I've managed to catch on film. I'm starting to leave the camera by the potty. She is a styling potty girl and I just had to share the fun.

So I think I'm going to keep adding to this post whenever I get another cute picture of her on the pot. You can't have too many, right?!?