We Are Back In The States!!!!!!!!

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Yes, it's true. We made it back to the states and almost home. Since my sister Angie is 8 months pregnant and can no longer travel, she & her family and my other sister Lynn and her 7 year old daughter Brooke all meet us at the Houston airport so they could meet Lexie and welcome us home. We are staying for a few days and should be in Port Orchard some time next week. Unfortunately, Lexie & I brought some extra little friends back that we didn't know about and so we spread the love. Yes, we have scabies. It's pretty common for children in orphanages to get them and since I've been scratching almost since I got there, I thought I might have them but the doc at the Medical Center in Almaty said that we didn't and travel was no problem. Well he was wrong!! Now Angie, Jim, 8 year old Cody, 7 year old Brooke, 6 year old Mackenzie, Lynn, Mom, Lexie and I have all just done the treatment last night. The International Adoption Physician I took Lexie to said we should no longer be contagious after the first treatment but to do one more a week later to be sure since I have one of the worst cases she has seen (lucky me.) But Angie's OBGYN said we could be contagious for a week or more so her suggestion to Angie was to kick us out and for us to go to a hotel. A little extreme but Angie can't take the stronger medication to get rid of them. There is no danger to her or the baby she'd just be itching without relief until the baby is born. So anyway, of course we stayed but after doing the treatment we have now scrubbed the house, cleaned the carpets and the cars are being detailed. Everyone in Port Orchard is actually luck we took this little detour. We'll find out on Monday if the treatment worked for Lexie and I or if we have to wait until next Friday to do another treatment since you can only do it once a week. The itching isn't as intense so I'm hoping all those little critter are dead now. Our homecoming was more eventful then we'd hope but it's GREAT to be back in the land of clean water, good food and English.

Lexie was just great on the planes. Our first flight left at 3am so we were at the airport at midnight which meant she was up most of the night. We luckily got the bulkhead with the bassinet and once she did fall asleep I could put her down and save my shoulder. The first flight was a little over 7 hours and then we had a 3 hour layover in Frankfurt but with bathroom breaks and saying goodbye to Rosa and Irene then having to go through security again where we had to meet US standards which meant we had to throw away a couple hundred dollars worth of products since we were told they wouldn't be checking again and in KZ you don't have any liquid size restrictions for your carry on. I thought Mom was going to cry when they started throwing her face cream and moisturizer away. Anyway, the second flight was 11 hours long and we were in the 4th to the last seats in a very full plane. We had a great flight attendant that talked two men in the last row who had one of the few free seats left on the plane between them into switching with us, so Lexie had her own seat. It made the long flight so much better. In the 24 hours it took us to get to the states she only sleep about 6 hours but she was so good the rest of the time. Even the people in front of us were saying how good she was. She was so cute when she'd flirt with all the people that went by. Of course we were all exhausted when we landed and between customs and having to go to the "special room" where Lexie was officially declared an American citizen (yeah whoooo) and then retrieving our luggage it was 2 hours from when we landed until we found Angie, Lynn & the kids waiting for us. Alexis had them all in the palm of her hand in a matter of seconds since she put on her biggest smile and hugged them all. They took us to lunch which was wonderfully eatable but Mom and I could barely eat since we were almost asleep in our plates. After an amazing clean, warm shower we napped for a few hours and then they had a belated 1st Birthday Party/Shower for Lexie. As usual, my family went overboard and I truly love them for it. She got lots of toys and useful equipment and cute outfits. My brother-in-law Jim made sure we got lots of big loud toys to pay me back for all the big loud toys I have gotten their kids over the years. He's warned me there were more to come. Bring them on.

Then we went swimming the next day in their pool and Lexie is a total fish. She loved her bath but she really LOVES being in the pool. She isn't afraid of anything, even being splashed by the kids and she puts her face under the water and comes up laughing. Of course, Mommy doesn't think it's funny but we had a great time. So we are resting up, de-bugging and should be home in Port Orchard some time next week. It's up to the doc to let us know if it will be Wed or next Sunday but I'm SURE none of you back home want to experience Scabies first hand. I'll be happy to share my experience with you if you are curious. As soon as we get the okay we'll be seeing everyone in Washington soon. Once I get home and have some time, I'll add a post to fill in the blanks between when she left the baby house and we we left for home. Did I mention that I had Lexie's portrait drawn by a street artist and oh yeah I rode a camel. Look at those feet!!! Just a little teaser for what we did in Almaty.

Thanks for all your support and interest. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be back with Alexis in my arms.