Lexie the Licker!!

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The update on Mom is not great. Her back is about the same even though she stayed home – yes, I’m using that term very loosely – today and rested. The pills she has are different than what she usually takes and they don’t seem to be as effective. So tomorrow will be another day of rest for her and hopefully her back will be better by Monday. These beds are very hard and low to the ground so it’s tough for her to lay down for long. But she doesn’t want to be left behind, which is what I’ve been threatening to do if she’s not better by next Saturday when we have a flight out of here. You think I’m kidding????? I’ve talked to the landlord and they said she could stay as long as she wants. So she’s on her own a week from today if she can’t make it down those 66 steps. Don’t worry. They said they should have the hot water working by then so Mom will be fine.

Speaking of water, we have technical water. Woo Hoo!!!!!!! No more bucket hauling. Still no hot water but since it’s been in the upper 90’s this last week and tomorrow it’s supposed to be 101, who needs hot water? A cold shower is fine after the initial shock. Plus you use less water since you take a quicker shower and the mirror doesn’t fog up. I’m actually thinking of turning off the hot water heater at the house once I get home.

Lexie is spending her last weekend at the orphanage so she’s really excited. Yes a 12 month old can understand what’s happening especially one as smart as Alexis Falen. I’m including some pictures that show her personality, which is coming out more each day. She can be quite the character and today since it was just Lexie and Mommy she decided to be a real goof. My favorite photo of her is the one in the mirror. She was so surprised she could see me - it was very funny. Oh yeah, did I mention she likes to eat or lick anything? I mean anything!! A book, a ball, a bag, my toes, my face, the rug or even the floor, she will lick or bite it. Yes, in the picture with her and the zebra she was going in for a lick. The books she eats to the point of saturation. She licks the back of the bottle before turning it over to suck on it. I don’t know why she was trying to stuff it in her mouth today but she gave it the old Quast try. She really likes to lick the disgusting floor in the music room. She’ll crawl away looking all cute and innocent. Then she’ll look over her shoulder at me and lean over to lick the floor. You’ve seen the pictures of the water so you can just imagine how gross these floors are. Even if they mopped these floors, which as far as Mom and I can tell they haven’t mopped or vacuumed the music room since we got here over a month ago, they would be mopping it with water that is dirtier than the floors. Needless to say, after she licks the floor she doesn’t get any more kisses from Mommy. When I run over to grab her off the floor she thinks it’s very funny and turns around to try to lick my face. Miss Lexie has a very sick sense of humor and she likes to inflict it on her Mommy. She also likes to pull my hair or scratch me to get a reaction out of me - which she does. All the women here have short hair or pull it back and I can certainly understand why. Lexie grabs mine every chance she gets and I’m not quick enough half the time. So I’m coming back with a few bald spots and missus a little skin but a squirmy bundle of energy, so I guess it’s a fair trade.