Day 13 of Bonding & We Met a New Friend

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Today as we played outside Lexie discovered a flower as you can see. She loves being outside with all the noise and activity. Then the 3 year old group came out to play and we met a new friend. He came right up to my mom and sat on her lap. Then played with Lexie's toys but shared very nicely. Of course I want to take him home but we understand he has a 5 year old brother and they are not up for adoption right now. He has only been here for less than a year. I'll see if I can find out more. I've got to run for our second visit but it takes so long to download the pictures I wanted to get a couple on. More later I hope.

Pictures of Apt in Almaty

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So these are the pictures from the apartment in Almaty the first two days here and that a fruit thing in Germany. The apartment actually looks better in the pictures but you get the idea.