Independence Day for Lexie!!!

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At 4:04pm on July 4th 2007 Alexis Falen Quast left the Baby House as my daughter, so I’ve ordered fireworks all over America to celebrate. We are now officially a family and I’m officially her mom. What a great feeling!!! Of course, the day didn’t go as planned but it ended great with Lexie sleeping her first night with her Mommy. It may take us a while to get back home but no one can take her away now and that makes everything else just great. So Happy Fourth of July to everyone and when you see those fireworks just remember I ordered them for Lexie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MaggieD said...

Congrats Lou Ann!!!!
We were watching the fireworks last night at Clear Lake as a family and I was thanking God for you and Lexie and hoping you were together and also for our beautiful Jonathan and his first Independence Day as a US citizen. The 4th of July took on a whole new meaning for me as it now has you and Lexie!! All the battles, the hot days, the uncertainty-ALL WORTH every minute now that you are a family and know you are coming home soon. The rest is easy(except maybe that plane ride home but she'll be fine). I bet she sleeps a good portion of it just because of the time change. Anyway, thank GOD you are together and I've so enjoyed getting to know you and following your journey. It is an awesome thing. Soon you will be in Almaty which will feel like total civilization compared to what you are in now. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope your Mom's back is better. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.


Lynn said...

Congratulations Lou Ann (Mom). We can't wait to meet her!
Any idea when you'll be coming home??

ChristopherAnn said...

What wonderful news. I've been checking the blog obsessively, just watching for this post.

Now you are three generations heading home: mom, daughter and grammy.

Congratulations to all three!

Unknown said...

I am sooo happy for you! I know the feeling of not knowing when she is going to be your own daughter! we went through it all with my little brother! just waiting for that one word saying that you can HAVE her for REAL!! is some of the best words you can hear! I am sooo happy for you and I just want you to know any forth of july from now on till for ever I will always think of you and lexie! Miss you! The dogs did fine with the fire works! and they are doing fine. I have to take some of the money and get dogs food now! Do you think i should get two or just one? Well i will talk to you later! Again I am sooo happy for you!


Sharon said...

Lou Ann
Congratulations to you Lexie and Mom....the day we all have been looking forward to!
I am so thrilled I have goose bumps!
Now we get to look forward to the day you are all back safe at home!!!!
Blessings in abundance,

Lin Donn said...

I read your note and burst into tears! What incredibly wonderful news! Our love to you all!
Lin & Don

SilentGoddess said...

Lou Ann,
I am posting from a hotel in Spokane...we are heading back home after a wonderful vacation to Cody Wyo to see my Dad so I have been unable to check your blog until now!!!
CONGRATULATIONS MOM!!! You are officially a Mommy now :D Isn't it GREAT??
I just read your latest post aloud to Paul and Cody, clapping along the way. We are so happy for you and Lexie! Can't wait to see you both back in Port Orchard!!